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The Alliance of California Judges celebrates fourth anniversary

September 18, 2013


Last week the Alliance of California Judges celebrated its fourth anniversary. The Alliance was formed by 28 judges from around the state on September 11, 2009, after a handpicked Judicial Council had unanimously voted for the first time in history to close the state’s trial courts one day each month. That vote masked the real […]

Opinion: Educating Children is not a core mission of the JC\AOC

August 7, 2013


The judicial branch is supposed to be adjudicating cases. That is their primary function. Since 1998 California’s judicial branch, in particular the judicial council and the AOC have continuously expanded their field of jurisdiction. As an example, the judicial branch tells the legislature they need more courthouses. While both counties and the Department of General […]

AOC’s Proposed Wish List Excludes Additional Trial Court Staffing, Includes Additional AOC Staffing

July 31, 2013


JCW: It’s an amazing conversation to listen to. The courts have identified all of these needs and shortcomings in their own operations and what spews forth for approval from the AOC isn’t a single suggestion that any of these needs be funded but that the AOC push forth and augment their own staff by yet […]

When the largest court in the country speaks….it pays to listen.

June 6, 2013


One of the items we regularly harp on is bulletproof whistleblower protections for judicial branch employees. We’re not the only people who feel this way. In fact, many judges actually backed whistleblower protections when Curt Child tried to kill them by adding into the mix trial court employees thinking he could get the courts to […]

About the “Reality Check” barometer….

June 5, 2013


A few years ago JCW launched as “California’s ten billion dollar reality check”. The reason we picked that number in particular is because that is how much public monies were at risk of being mis-spent by the boondogglers that run the AOC and the hand-picked long time inside brown-nosed boondogglers of the judicial council. Over […]

Alliance Budget Updates & Judge White speaks with legislators

May 29, 2013


May 28, 2013 By now you have heard that last Thursday the Assembly and Senate Budget Subcommittees voted to provide an additional $100 million to the trial courts this year, and raise the reserved funds limit from 1% to 12%. The Department of Finance made it clear that the Governor opposes this increase and change. […]

The Arrogance of Unchecked Powers

May 25, 2013


Most of us would agree that we’re all here today and that this site exists as an oversized middle finger to those that hold themselves above the law both on the Judicial Council as well as the AOC. This past week at the suggestion of speaker Perez, an assembly budget subcommittee would recommend that an […]

You can (in part) thank the boondogglers for the May revise

May 14, 2013


Judge James Herman and his technology committee, along with the CEO’s of San Diego and Ventura are either the most egotistical, self-centered bastards in the state of California or just some of the dumbest. At this point, it’s take your pick and if you were in my shoes you might choose both. The Governors revised […]

Important budget message from ACJ President Steve White

May 8, 2013


May 8, 2013 I am sending you this important message regarding the 2013-2014 Judiciary budget. We anticipate the release of the Governor’s May Revise next week. Alliance members have been engaged in quiet discussion with members and staff of the Legislature and with some within the Executive branch. There has been meaningful concern expressed within […]

A Constitutional Amendment to Democratize the Judicial Council

March 9, 2013


The reason  this amendment is necessary California’s judicial branch has undergone massive change since the late 1990’s with the Lockyer-Isenberg State Trial Court Funding Act of 1997 and the Trial Court Consolidation Act (Prop 220) of 1998. The resulting bureaucracy that was created at the state level to oversee these changes is unparalleled. The Administrative […]

The End of the Line for Reform

March 6, 2013


March 6, 2013 Dear Members and Others, The fallout continues in the wake of the Judicial Council’s decision to repudiate the recommendation of the Chief Justice’s Strategic Evaluation Committee that called for the demise of the AOC’s generous telecommuting policy. We attach an opinion piece from Courthouse News editor Bill Girdner commenting on this extraordinary, […]

Time is running out for court funding group & Council Meeting Commentary

February 21, 2013


February 21, 2013 Dear Members and Others, The Alliance of California Judges has been following the progress, or lack thereof, of the Trial Court Funding Workgroup appointed by the Governor and the Chief Justice. We attach an article by Courthouse News reporter, Maria Dinzeo, concerning Tuesday’s meeting. Governor Brown’s appointee and former Chief Deputy Director […]

Judges, Unions & Court Reporters strike back at Bee Editorial Board

February 13, 2013


Before we get into the actual responses, you might recall that we mentioned that the electronic court reporting issue that recently came up is a sideshow to divert your attention from the death star’s true objectives: More money for themselves, more financial pain and anxiety for court employees everywhere all in an effort to get […]

AOC’s Jerry Pfab seems to want to add insult to injury….

February 6, 2013


From the You’ve got to be f—ing kidding me file comes this story out of the depths of the Death Star’s satellite office in Sacramento.  You might recall that our courts are crumbling and are otherwise falling apart due to a lack of facilities maintenance. In fact, the total unfunded facility maintenance liability to California’s […]

Diversionary Tactics of the JC\AOC

February 4, 2013


You probably haven’t really noticed it that much. We started noticing it the day King George tendered his resignation.  What I’m talking about here is diversionary tactics – a method to turn your attention away from a real controversy to one that is manufactured. As a branch, what we should be focusing on is the […]

JC/AOC – 2 million more to hire 29 more..

January 23, 2013


Along with the 32 people who were onboarded in the month of December, we learned in early January that this process of onboarding temporary and contract workers is ongoing at the AOC. What really floored us though is our own head count analysis that put the AOC’s authorized FTE’s (Full Time Employees) at 815 and […]