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Powerful Judicial Council Committee opens the public meeting doors for a brief glimpse before slamming them shut.

August 22, 2014


Last week, the Executive & Planning Committee held a brief public meeting by telephone. After approving the agenda for the next Judicial Council meeting, the committee’s chair, Justice Miller, asked the members to call a different number so that the committee members could privately discuss appointments to the Council’s advisory committees. An article in Courthouse […]

Basking In The Glow Of Yet Another Trainwreck…..

June 11, 2014


This is the contents of an email from the Alliance of California Judges to their members. The first paragraph demonstrates how the AOC misses the mark by about a thousand miles. After all, the AOC burned taxpayer money to stock up on iPads and passed out swag bags with electronic tablets in them to legislators, […]

As usual, the AOC’s math just doesn’t add up. Time for an Audit.

March 12, 2014


A letter by Judge Kenneth So on Judicial Council letterhead dated March 7 was sent yesterday to every judge in California in a “Court News Update” email.  Judge So claims that we’ve given you misleading information about how the AOC runs its business.  We disagree, and we can back up what we said—with the AOC’s […]

Troubling answers from the AOC

March 4, 2014


Trying to get information out of the AOC can seem like playing Go Fish with a temperamental child.  You have to ask for exactly the right thing in exactly the right way, and even then you might not get it.  Often, the AOC claims that it doesn’t keep the kinds of records you’re looking for.  […]

Myth vs. Fact – Making the Case for an AOC Audit

February 19, 2014


Last week, the Chief Justice told an audience in Riverside, “There is a presumption, somehow, in the capitol in Sacramento that the judicial branch is where it is now, with courtrooms closed and less services . . . because somehow, somehow, we mismanaged ourselves into the situation. . . . I have to remind them, […]

Retreads and Denial – A Strange Way To Restore Credibility

February 3, 2014


In the aftermath of the CCMS debacle — a $500 million waste of taxpayer money that ranks among the costliest IT failures in American history — how should the judicial branch go about restoring its credibility with the Legislature and the Governor? One way would be to acknowledge the CCMS failure immediately; hold accountable those […]

Is the new open meeting rule…… open?

November 19, 2013


“I believe in absolute transparency.” * —Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye, interview with Courthouse News Service, March 22, 2011. As most of you know, the members of the Judicial Council are appointed by the Chief Justice, and the Council meets several times a year. These meetings, at which the Council ratifies decisions which affect us profoundly, […]

Ron George’s legacy repair tour? He admits to intimidating the California Judges Association

November 16, 2013


The nice thing about having Ron George doing a legacy repair tour to promote his book is that he operates without his AOC handlers and does not control the message or the forum so while they might prove to be an interesting spectacle, we’re predicting these junkets will be short lived. ___________________________________________________________ November 14, 2013 […]

Recent Dan Walters Article

October 23, 2013


  We provide you with a link to Dan Walters’ column in yesterday’s Sacramento Bee that discusses the formation of the Foundation for Democracy and Justice, a new public education foundation headed up in part by Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye. It is our understanding that this charitable foundation will be involved in public education regarding […]

Opinion: California needs an Inspector General over all branches of government

August 2, 2013


Maybe it’s not readily apparent but generally, private industry does a better job at regulating costs of products and services than California government does. You don’t generally see private industry spend hundreds of millions of dollars on software development to run their businesses. Unless you’re in the tech industry and building a data center, semiconductor […]

Which is it? Secrecy or Incompetence?

July 17, 2013


July 16, 2013 The following article by reporter Maria Dinzeo chronicles the lengths to which our court leaders have gone to block the media and judges from obtaining public information. This important article should alarm every judge in this state because the Judicial Council and its bloated bureaucracy purport to serve the courts “for the […]

Artificially increasing the odds of “Not Reasonably Likely”…..

June 22, 2013


  In another thread MaxRebo presents a suitable cause\effect analysis of the politically astute Cantil-Sakauye‘s (HRH-2) offensive renaming of the Star Chamber conference center as the William C Vickrey conference center. I’ll add to that mix the offensive renaming of the Ronald M. George state office complex. Besides the fact that these characters are still above […]

You can (in part) thank the boondogglers for the May revise

May 14, 2013


Judge James Herman and his technology committee, along with the CEO’s of San Diego and Ventura are either the most egotistical, self-centered bastards in the state of California or just some of the dumbest. At this point, it’s take your pick and if you were in my shoes you might choose both. The Governors revised […]

JCW’s wishes for the May budget revise

May 5, 2013


JCW’s wishes for a May budget revise It should be obvious to most that very little of the SEC report has been implemented. It was obvious to us that from day one of the Chief Justice calling for an eighteen month study of the AOC and their operations was little more than a delay tactic […]

When Ten Bucks buys you all the publicity you can handle…

March 27, 2013


  March 25, 2013 Dear Members and Others, We forward on to you an excellent in-depth article from the Courthouse News, by reporter Maria Dinzeo, concerning the AOC’s trailer bill language which would assess a $10 dollar fee per case file requested by media and other persons. This article is replete with numerous links and […]

AOC in Woodshed over LB – Chief re-appoints three to Judicial Council – From the desk of JCW

March 18, 2013


March 18, 2013 Dear Members and Others, The attached articles deal with two subjects that are inexorably intertwined. The first by Courthouse News reporter, Maria Dinzeo, recounts the fact that the Chief Justice has reappointed three current members to the Judicial Council. The second article, by The Recorder’s Cheryl Miller, details a recent legislative hearing […]