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AOC pay raises hurt branch credibility, undermine efforts to restore court funding

August 28, 2013


AOC pay raises hurt branch credibility, undermine efforts to restore court funding. Branch leadership is now claiming that the recent Judicial Council pay raises granted by the Chief Justice are simply “merit salary adjustments.” In reality, these are discretionary and ill-timed pay raises that are siphoning funds needed to operate our courts, undermining public confidence […]

AOC’s Proposed Wish List Excludes Additional Trial Court Staffing, Includes Additional AOC Staffing

July 31, 2013


JCW: It’s an amazing conversation to listen to. The courts have identified all of these needs and shortcomings in their own operations and what spews forth for approval from the AOC isn’t a single suggestion that any of these needs be funded but that the AOC push forth and augment their own staff by yet […]

The AOC: The only place in government where making 12 copies takes 60 days

July 26, 2013


After hearing rumors about a rental in San Francisco being used by AOC leadership one of our media partners crafted a public information request and submitted it to pubinfo. Knowing that it wasn’t likely that the rental was an AOC line item, the author instead thought through the AOC travel expense claim process and surmised […]

Another AOC back room deal underscores yet another boondoggle

June 12, 2013


Let’s be clear about one thing: We’re strong supporters of both living and prevailing wage laws. We’re even strong supporters of unions in their time and place. In their time and place being the qualifier. In many cases, the decline of union wages and benefits resulted not from an erosion of union wages but the […]

Parsing Words or Disregard for Legislative intent? You be the judge…

April 30, 2013


A note from JCW: Yes folks, the “We’re all in this together” boondogglers and their codependent enablers are working a new angle to get you to part with your hard-earned tax dollars. Truth be told, they never stopped. As we see new formulas being circulated to redistribute finances between courts, you never saw the issue of […]

My court unification efforts have become a failure

April 11, 2013


By Larry Stiriling – a retired legislator and a retired judge My court-unification effort has become a failure. Most former politicians do not own up to their errors, but here is one that needs understanding and corrective action by the legislature. “Court unification” was an attractive concept that emerged from what was then known as “The […]

When Ten Bucks buys you all the publicity you can handle…

March 27, 2013


  March 25, 2013 Dear Members and Others, We forward on to you an excellent in-depth article from the Courthouse News, by reporter Maria Dinzeo, concerning the AOC’s trailer bill language which would assess a $10 dollar fee per case file requested by media and other persons. This article is replete with numerous links and […]