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The hundred million dollar sick-out & housekeeping matters

January 17, 2013


Please note that every underlined item is a link to another article or document. We’re going to take on the housekeeping matters first. Nearly every day readers find JCW because Yen Interactive Media and others have made it their goal that we own the internet globally on certain issues. For quite awhile, JCW results on […]

Alliance special treatment to continue ?… and a conflicting message from Jahr

October 10, 2012


We’re guessing the ACJ isn’t privy to internal AOC Users – All email but if they were, they might be asking themselves…. what gives? Why is it that the Judicial Council and the AOC is doing one thing and saying another? Our response to such a question would be: In light of the continued re-arranging […]

Meet Justice Harry Hull & Media report confirms disparate treatment for ACJ judges

October 4, 2012


Not too long ago we all probably read one of our posters mentioning that Justice Hull was elevated to the appellate court so fast that his coffee didn’t have time to cool. Sonofagun if that poster wasn’t right on. On the face of things without knowing Justice Hull, one would think he is a bazillion […]