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Fact checking fact check again…Courthouse Construction

August 12, 2013


Yesterday the new 319 million dollar 600,000 square foot federal courthouse (link) broke ground in Los Angeles. Meanwhile the net present cost of the long beach courthouse in terms of a 35 year lease is $725 million. In their fact check advocacy they tell us that the maximum price of the courthouse over 35 years pre-factoring […]

The Armchair Quarterback’s Commentary

April 1, 2013


Let’s start out with proposed laws: Bob Wieckowski as proposed AB 666 which is being referred to in some circles as “The Devil’s Bill” because it strips the responsibility of adjudicating red light camera cases from the courts and makes them administrative hearings in front of the town that put the cameras up, much like […]

Facts remain hidden in AOC power grab

October 23, 2012


  October 22, 2012 Dear Members and Others, We attach an article by Courthouse News reporter Maria Dinzeo concerning the continued refusal of branch leadership to provide a complete explanation of who was responsible for the last minute attempted power grab by AOC staff which would have gutted the authority of local courts to manage […]

Chief appoints familiar faces to trial court budget working group

October 16, 2012


It should come as no surprise that when a working group is formed (the Judicial Council and the AOC’s favorite sleight-of-hand gesture at addressing anything) that it would be the loyal soldiers of the Chief Justice that would be getting the nod to speak with one voice. Most of these loyalists have been in the judicial […]

Alliance special treatment to continue ?… and a conflicting message from Jahr

October 10, 2012


We’re guessing the ACJ isn’t privy to internal AOC Users – All email but if they were, they might be asking themselves…. what gives? Why is it that the Judicial Council and the AOC is doing one thing and saying another? Our response to such a question would be: In light of the continued re-arranging […]

Going about Democratizing the Judicial Council – Part One

August 2, 2012


I’m sure that by now everyone has caught on to the concept that when you have 17 members of the judicial council appointed by the chief justice and you have two appointees of the state bar, which is an administrative office of the California Supreme Court and you have voting members of the state assembly […]

Telecommuting Lawyers KCRA 3 – Mike Leury and a reminder from ACJ

July 19, 2012


First up this evening is a news story about telecommuting lawyers from a few of our favorites, KCRA Channel 3, Mike Leury and Judge Marianne Gilliard of the Alliance of California Judges. A note to the AOC’s Ministry of Truth : Judge Gilliard’s delivery is going to have you all pining for your jobs. Link: […]

Los Angeles County Court Reporters Association update 7/3/2012

July 4, 2012


From LACCRA (Los Angeles County Court Reporters Association) 7/3/2012 Dear Members: We have several items of importance to convey in this email, so please read the message to the end. BUDGET UPDATE A full report regarding the court budget will be sent in a subsequent email, but please read the flyer from SEIU that will […]

On Tap – June ’12 Judicial Council Muppet Show (Day 1) and the controversy surrounding the vote to reform the AOC

June 21, 2012


It seems to us that a new pattern is beginning to develop. With judicial council critics statewide pointing out the obvious, namely that you can’t govern by meeting six or seven days a year we’re beginning to see more two and three day judicial council meetings so that the anointed can say they put in […]

The Strategic Evaluation Committee Report and “The Great Whitewash of 2012”

June 17, 2012


It took them over a year to produce this report while getting nothing but resistance, redaction and runaround from the Judicial Council and their administrative offices, the AOC. It is alleged that not only was the SEC report intentionally released after hours proceeding a long holiday weekend but that the E&P Committee and certain other (for now […]

Op-Ed: The Power of One by Paula Negley

March 16, 2012


In reading Nathaniel Woodhull’s recent post about the events in Sacramento this week regarding the Assembly Budget Subcommittee’s action to suspend CCMS, and that together we can get the current administration of the Judicial Branch to understand that they serve the Courts and the citizens of California, and not the other way around, I was […]

Fact Checking the AOC’s “fact check”

February 20, 2012


February 16, 2012 Dear Members and Others: Today the Los Angeles Daily Journal published an informative and objective article by reporter Emily Green about the controversy surrounding AB 1208, titled “Court Bill Would Shift Power, But to Whom?”  The Daily Journal does not allow copying and circulation of their articles, but we urge each of you to check […]