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The Arrogance of Unchecked Powers

May 25, 2013


Most of us would agree that we’re all here today and that this site exists as an oversized middle finger to those that hold themselves above the law both on the Judicial Council as well as the AOC. This past week at the suggestion of speaker Perez, an assembly budget subcommittee would recommend that an […]

Important budget message from ACJ President Steve White

May 8, 2013


May 8, 2013 I am sending you this important message regarding the 2013-2014 Judiciary budget. We anticipate the release of the Governor’s May Revise next week. Alliance members have been engaged in quiet discussion with members and staff of the Legislature and with some within the Executive branch. There has been meaningful concern expressed within […]

As Transparent As An Iron Curtain

May 6, 2013


May 6, 2013 Dear Members and Others, First, we apologize for the length of this communication. We deem it necessary, however, to place in context what has become the standard operating procedure by branch leaders to refuse to disclose public information. In particular, reasonable requests for information from judges associated with the Alliance have been treated in […]

The boondogglers relent….. for the time being…

May 2, 2013


May 1, 2013 Dear Members and Others: We attach an article by Daily Journal reporter Paul Jones regarding the apparent demise (again) of the disgraced CCMS project. The Alliance recently highlighted a questionable maneuver by branch leaders that would have resulted in the deployment of much of the V4 project as originally contemplated by the […]

Parsing Words or Disregard for Legislative intent? You be the judge…

April 30, 2013


A note from JCW: Yes folks, the “We’re all in this together” boondogglers and their codependent enablers are working a new angle to get you to part with your hard-earned tax dollars. Truth be told, they never stopped. As we see new formulas being circulated to redistribute finances between courts, you never saw the issue of […]

What Will It Take to Kill The Beast?

April 25, 2013


April 25, 2013 Dear Members and Others: By a show of hands, who thinks the half-billion dollar failed computer project, known as CCMS, is dead? If you raised your hand, you obviously made the mistake of thinking that our court leaders meant what they said a year ago when they voted to terminate the failed […]

Why are we so afraid of democracy?

April 22, 2013


April 19, 2013 Dear Members and Others, Below is an outstanding editorial from Bill Girdner, editor of the Courthouse News Service, that helps to illustrate the dysfunction of California’s judicial leadership structure. Until our Judicial Council is composed of independent judicial officers determined to make responsible decisions on behalf of the state court system, we […]

When Ten Bucks buys you all the publicity you can handle…

March 27, 2013


  March 25, 2013 Dear Members and Others, We forward on to you an excellent in-depth article from the Courthouse News, by reporter Maria Dinzeo, concerning the AOC’s trailer bill language which would assess a $10 dollar fee per case file requested by media and other persons. This article is replete with numerous links and […]

AOC’s misguided ‘pay-per-view’ draws fire from all directions

March 21, 2013


March 20, 2013 Dear Members and Others, Over the past two years our branch leaders and AOC staff have added the term “transparency” to their lexicon. They have done this because Alliance judges, members of the Legislature, the media, the State Auditor and the Legislative Analyst’s Office have shed light on the behind-the-scenes machinations employed […]

A Constitutional Amendment to Democratize the Judicial Council

March 9, 2013


The reason  this amendment is necessary California’s judicial branch has undergone massive change since the late 1990’s with the Lockyer-Isenberg State Trial Court Funding Act of 1997 and the Trial Court Consolidation Act (Prop 220) of 1998. The resulting bureaucracy that was created at the state level to oversee these changes is unparalleled. The Administrative […]

The End of the Line for Reform

March 6, 2013


March 6, 2013 Dear Members and Others, The fallout continues in the wake of the Judicial Council’s decision to repudiate the recommendation of the Chief Justice’s Strategic Evaluation Committee that called for the demise of the AOC’s generous telecommuting policy. We attach an opinion piece from Courthouse News editor Bill Girdner commenting on this extraordinary, […]

AOC’s Jerry Pfab seems to want to add insult to injury….

February 6, 2013


From the You’ve got to be f—ing kidding me file comes this story out of the depths of the Death Star’s satellite office in Sacramento.  You might recall that our courts are crumbling and are otherwise falling apart due to a lack of facilities maintenance. In fact, the total unfunded facility maintenance liability to California’s […]

Diversionary Tactics of the JC\AOC

February 4, 2013


You probably haven’t really noticed it that much. We started noticing it the day King George tendered his resignation.  What I’m talking about here is diversionary tactics – a method to turn your attention away from a real controversy to one that is manufactured. As a branch, what we should be focusing on is the […]

JC/AOC – 2 million more to hire 29 more..

January 23, 2013


Along with the 32 people who were onboarded in the month of December, we learned in early January that this process of onboarding temporary and contract workers is ongoing at the AOC. What really floored us though is our own head count analysis that put the AOC’s authorized FTE’s (Full Time Employees) at 815 and […]

The hundred million dollar sick-out & housekeeping matters

January 17, 2013


Please note that every underlined item is a link to another article or document. We’re going to take on the housekeeping matters first. Nearly every day readers find JCW because Yen Interactive Media and others have made it their goal that we own the internet globally on certain issues. For quite awhile, JCW results on […]

The May Revise – 4 months to make a difference

January 13, 2013


The May revise remains an opportunity to move the ball down field. Governor Brown presented to the judicial branch a challenging budget scenario that would require the branch to take an additional 200 million out of the general fund when what the branch really needs is to secure an additional 200 million if we are […]