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Here we go again….

November 12, 2014


(JCW) A recent communique from the Alliance of California Judges You have probably received an e-mail survey from the recently created Commission on the Future of California’s Court System asking your opinion about how best to improve the branch.  You may be tempted to ignore this survey; after all, over the last four years, you’ve […]

Powerful Judicial Council Committee opens the public meeting doors for a brief glimpse before slamming them shut.

August 22, 2014


Last week, the Executive & Planning Committee held a brief public meeting by telephone. After approving the agenda for the next Judicial Council meeting, the committee’s chair, Justice Miller, asked the members to call a different number so that the committee members could privately discuss appointments to the Council’s advisory committees. An article in Courthouse […]

The Bloodletting Continues……

July 12, 2012


The Bloodletting Continues If you’ve been paying attention to one of our second favorite sites on the internet about now you’ll note that we have a few more entries to the Judicial Council Watcher hall of fame. We also have a bunch of really sharp judges that can analyze the evidence for themselves and that see what […]

The Strategic Evaluation Committee Report and “The Great Whitewash of 2012”

June 17, 2012


It took them over a year to produce this report while getting nothing but resistance, redaction and runaround from the Judicial Council and their administrative offices, the AOC. It is alleged that not only was the SEC report intentionally released after hours proceeding a long holiday weekend but that the E&P Committee and certain other (for now […]

Judicial Council Watcher supports San Francisco Superior Court workers

May 24, 2012


Today 95% of San Francisco Superior Court SEIU staff voted to authorize a strike to give union negotiators more leverage in negotiations. While SFSC workers were being laid off, AOC workers were getting raises and we were just beginning to hear the lavish pension packages of the AOC’s elite thirty. And just before that we […]