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AOC’s Proposed Wish List Excludes Additional Trial Court Staffing, Includes Additional AOC Staffing

July 31, 2013


JCW: It’s an amazing conversation to listen to. The courts have identified all of these needs and shortcomings in their own operations and what spews forth for approval from the AOC isn’t a single suggestion that any of these needs be funded but that the AOC push forth and augment their own staff by yet […]

Many A Truth Is Said In Jest

July 26, 2013


In the fall of 2011, a video cartoon concerning the disgraced Court Case Management System (CCMS) went viral on the internet. Many wondered who the creative genius was who developed the clip. Whoever that person was, it was clear that he was knowledgeable and prescient in lampooning the half a billion dollar blunder. Well, we […]

The Judicial Council returns to control of public comment

December 8, 2012


Free speech continues to be one of the pillars that holds our democracy together. During the George \ Huffman years, there was no such thing as free speech in council meetings. Your comments needed to be submitted and pre-approved in advance of the public meeting. It’s called prior restraint and it is wrong for any […]

Feinstein: AOC is partially to blame for judicial branch budget crisis

November 15, 2012


In a new post by Eric Winkler up on One Legal blog, Presiding Judge Catherine Feinstein mentions how much damage the AOC has done to judicial branch credibility in the state legislature. “Speaking to an intimate group of 24 members of the San Francisco Association for Docket, Calendar and Court Services, Judge Feinstein said it […]

Judicial Council Appoints Former Judge as Administrative Director of the Courts

July 28, 2012


Judicial Council Appoints Former Judge as Administrative Director of the Courts Judge Steven Jahr MINISTRY OF TRUTH, SAN FRANCISCO—Judge Steven Jahr will become the state’s next Administrative Director of the Courts—and the first with judicial experience—after a unanimous vote today by the Judicial Council of California. Judge Jahr, who was a judge in Shasta County […]

AOC Called Out on Telecommuting Lawyer by one group and the Assigned Judges Program by another

July 20, 2012


July 20, 2012 Dear Members and Others, On Wednesday the Sacramento NBC affiliate, KCRA, ran a segment on the embarrassing revelation that the AOC has apparently allowed an employee to telecommute from Geneva, Switzerland in violation of its own policies. In fact, the story points out that this lawyer will be permitted to telecommute until […]

Smokin’, Smokin’ Comments and News of a Strike by San Francisco Superior Court

July 16, 2012


SofaMan. They. Mean. Business. Judicial Council Watcher heartily supports the rank and file court workers of San Francisco Superior Court  and Service Employees International Union Local 1021 in their fight against the death star. Unfortunately, the management of San Francisco Superior Court, like it or not is going along for the ride. Enjoy and in […]