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Retreads and Denial – A Strange Way To Restore Credibility

February 3, 2014


In the aftermath of the CCMS debacle — a $500 million waste of taxpayer money that ranks among the costliest IT failures in American history — how should the judicial branch go about restoring its credibility with the Legislature and the Governor? One way would be to acknowledge the CCMS failure immediately; hold accountable those […]

Opinion: Educating Children is not a core mission of the JC\AOC

August 7, 2013


The judicial branch is supposed to be adjudicating cases. That is their primary function. Since 1998 California’s judicial branch, in particular the judicial council and the AOC have continuously expanded their field of jurisdiction. As an example, the judicial branch tells the legislature they need more courthouses. While both counties and the Department of General […]

Which is it? Secrecy or Incompetence?

July 17, 2013


July 16, 2013 The following article by reporter Maria Dinzeo chronicles the lengths to which our court leaders have gone to block the media and judges from obtaining public information. This important article should alarm every judge in this state because the Judicial Council and its bloated bureaucracy purport to serve the courts “for the […]

Judicial Council Again Opposes Reform

July 3, 2013


In signing the recent Budget Act, Governor Brown used a line item veto to eliminate the requirement that the Judicial Council open its policy meetings to the public. The Alliance thanks Speaker John Perez for his leadership and courage in seeking greater transparency in our branch by including this language in the Budget Act. The […]

Theft of a Courthouse – Theft of Justice

July 3, 2013


AT LENGTH – (… as through this world I’ve wandered
I’ve seen lots of funny men;
 Some will rob you with a six-gun,
And some with a fountain pen. –Ballad of Pretty Boy Floyd by Woody Guthrie) Added by JCW – (.…A man with a briefcase can steal more money than any man with a gun – Gimme What You […]

Governor endorses near secret JC deliberations of the publics business.

June 28, 2013


If there was any reason to veto a requirement that the judicial branch hold meetings open to the public, it should have been because such meetings were governed by an ineffectual rule of court and not codified in statutes. Without disclosing sound reasoning, governor Jerry Brown line-item-vetoed the requirement that the judicial branch open up […]

Sanity prevails with respect to public records access…or does it?

June 20, 2013


Last night Speaker of the Assembly John Perez announced that the state assembly would vote today on Assembly trailer bill 71 that would reverse the dismantling of the public records act, currently being gutted by assembly trailer bill 76. Assembly bill 76 turned the public records act into optional best practices that can be ignored. […]

Time is running out for court funding group & Council Meeting Commentary

February 21, 2013


February 21, 2013 Dear Members and Others, The Alliance of California Judges has been following the progress, or lack thereof, of the Trial Court Funding Workgroup appointed by the Governor and the Chief Justice. We attach an article by Courthouse News reporter, Maria Dinzeo, concerning Tuesday’s meeting. Governor Brown’s appointee and former Chief Deputy Director […]

Election 2012 – California elects a democratic supermajority

November 7, 2012


As you can imagine being the political activists we are we’ve have had our hands full for the past couple of weeks.  Now that decision 2012 is behind us, let’s look at what has been accomplished. The first item is a democratic supermajority. For the first time in eighty years, the opposition is irrelevant and […]

ACJ Message: Courthouse News Article Regarding Budget

June 29, 2012


    June 28, 2012 Dear Members and others, You, like us, are probably reeling from the horrific budget numbers we outlined yesterday.  There is simply no sugarcoating the situation we find ourselves in.  In fact, the budget numbers are worse, if we stop for a moment and consider that we have in effect given […]

ACJ Article: SFCHRON:-AOC Needs a Trim. AOC e-news: Fair and transparent?

June 2, 2012


You remember those two twin censors (tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum) in the movie Good Morning Vietnam? As we’ve been trying to tell you, they now work for Phil Carrizosa and Peter Allen. _____________________________________________________ June 1, 2012 Dear Members and Others, We attach two pieces for you that you will not read in the AOC E-News. The […]

Brown’s dead-on-arrival budget, released early, contains a $125 mil judicial branch trigger

January 6, 2012


On the turning away, from the pained and downtrodden…. Governor Jerry Brown‘s staff accidentally posted this years budget proposal on the web five days early, causing the governor to hastily call a press conference to explain it. . . Contained in that budget are deep cuts to the social safety nets that hundreds of thousands […]

51 days: UC Law Professor Goodwin Liu nominated to Ca. Supreme Court

July 27, 2011


Goodwin Liu is a 40 year old law professor at U.C.  Berkeley‘s Boalt Hall. A recognized expert on constitutional law, Liu was nominated by Governor Jerry Brown to succeed Carlos Moreno as California’s newest Supreme Court justice. Liu’s nomination to the California Supreme Court comes two months after a nomination to the 9th district court of appeals in San Francisco […]