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The Armchair Quarterback’s Commentary

April 1, 2013


Let’s start out with proposed laws: Bob Wieckowski as proposed AB 666 which is being referred to in some circles as “The Devil’s Bill” because it strips the responsibility of adjudicating red light camera cases from the courts and makes them administrative hearings in front of the town that put the cameras up, much like […]

Going about Democratizing the Judicial Council – Part One

August 2, 2012


I’m sure that by now everyone has caught on to the concept that when you have 17 members of the judicial council appointed by the chief justice and you have two appointees of the state bar, which is an administrative office of the California Supreme Court and you have voting members of the state assembly […]

Justice For Sale & Shoplifting Politicians

October 29, 2011


 It’s been a slow week for news. Nonethess, our first news story is about the richest man in Los Angeles. Doctor Patrick Soon-Shiong is a billionaire who made his money the easy way, primarily by manufacturing and marketing a controversially priced new breast cancer drug Abraxane and by selling his controlling interests in both Abraxis […]