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The Long Beach PPP Courthouse Contract

December 28, 2012


Enclosed is the Long Beach courthouse contract executed between Mr. Robert Emerson of the Administrative office of the Courts and Mr. Stuart Marks of Long Beach Judicial Partners obtained by Mr. Michael Paul via the State Department of Finance.  Note that the attachments are mostly larger than 8 megabytes each and that they are numbered […]

Courthouse construction? Frozen until further notice.

December 3, 2012


It should come as no surprise that overspending and spending someone else’s money without their consent doesn’t go over very well.  In the case of the 1.8 billion dollar (2.3 billion dollar)long beach courthouse where both the AOC and Judicial Council took liberties, they’re getting their hands slapped. It is well deserved too. For those […]

The OCCM Train Wreck

August 23, 2012


You heard it here first even though Mr. Jones was officially, unofficially leaked the summary of the Pegasus Global Holding report. Of course, when you and I see the whole report in all of its gory detail, someone is going to wonder why we’re giving these stooges 6.5 billion dollars to shut our justice system […]