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Opinion: Educating Children is not a core mission of the JC\AOC

August 7, 2013


The judicial branch is supposed to be adjudicating cases. That is their primary function. Since 1998 California’s judicial branch, in particular the judicial council and the AOC have continuously expanded their field of jurisdiction. As an example, the judicial branch tells the legislature they need more courthouses. While both counties and the Department of General […]

Opinion: California needs an Inspector General over all branches of government

August 2, 2013


Maybe it’s not readily apparent but generally, private industry does a better job at regulating costs of products and services than California government does. You don’t generally see private industry spend hundreds of millions of dollars on software development to run their businesses. Unless you’re in the tech industry and building a data center, semiconductor […]

California Cracks Down After CNN\CIR Investigation

August 1, 2013


California has finally begun to crack down on fraudulent practices of clinics participating in the “drug medi-cal” program only because CNN was beating down their doors for months about getting an interview. Commentary We’re going to provide a link to the final story in this three part series and we would like you to observe, […]

SEC – an endless summer of comments

July 27, 2012


AOC  under-reporting of special funds account balances Before we get to the meat and potatoes of this mornings post: Remember the recent scandal where State Parks were pleading poor and unable to keep state parks open? The parks director resigned and her deputy was fired when the department of finance found that state parks had […]