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Opinion: Educating Children is not a core mission of the JC\AOC

August 7, 2013


The judicial branch is supposed to be adjudicating cases. That is their primary function. Since 1998 California’s judicial branch, in particular the judicial council and the AOC have continuously expanded their field of jurisdiction. As an example, the judicial branch tells the legislature they need more courthouses. While both counties and the Department of General […]

California Cracks Down After CNN\CIR Investigation

August 1, 2013


California has finally begun to crack down on fraudulent practices of clinics participating in the “drug medi-cal” program only because CNN was beating down their doors for months about getting an interview. Commentary We’re going to provide a link to the final story in this three part series and we would like you to observe, […]

An apology to Judicial Watch on Teflon Jack’s behalf…

July 30, 2013


In what hope will be the last chapter in a long-running saga up in Shasta County, Diane Eisenberg of the Attorney Generals’ office penned an opinion (link) in the Quo Warranto action of one Charles Wagner representing the people of the state of California vs. Judge Jack Halpin. If anything is perfectly clear about this opinion, […]

Consider a donation to California Watch

January 10, 2012


California Watch was founded by the Center for Investigative Reporting and provides in-depth reporting on the issues that affect all Californians. Most large content providers (Such as ABC News, the L.A. Times and other content media producers) have had to pool their investigative resources because frankly, aggregators (like us) who take original content and link […]