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Here we go again….

November 12, 2014


(JCW) A recent communique from the Alliance of California Judges You have probably received an e-mail survey from the recently created Commission on the Future of California’s Court System asking your opinion about how best to improve the branch.  You may be tempted to ignore this survey; after all, over the last four years, you’ve […]

Democracy Now!

November 5, 2014


Last week, the Judicial Council voted unanimously to deny emergency funding to the Del Norte, Siskiyou, and Mono Superior Courts. All three counties had bought into the Council’s predictions of a more generous judicial branch budget; now they find themselves running on empty. Del Norte was looking for $300,000, Mono for $82,000, and Siskiyou for […]

“AOC” Name to be Eliminated; Judicial Council Accepts Direct Responsibility for Audit Outcome

July 1, 2014


From the Alliance of California Judges….   In a bizarre move, Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye opened Friday’s meeting of the Judicial Council by announcing her intention to “retire, remove, take away, eliminate the name ‘Administrative Office of the Courts.’” Friday’s published meeting agenda contained no reference whatsoever to the planned action. The Chief Justice directed […]

Basking In The Glow Of Yet Another Trainwreck…..

June 11, 2014


This is the contents of an email from the Alliance of California Judges to their members. The first paragraph demonstrates how the AOC misses the mark by about a thousand miles. After all, the AOC burned taxpayer money to stock up on iPads and passed out swag bags with electronic tablets in them to legislators, […]

Troubling answers from the AOC

March 4, 2014


Trying to get information out of the AOC can seem like playing Go Fish with a temperamental child.  You have to ask for exactly the right thing in exactly the right way, and even then you might not get it.  Often, the AOC claims that it doesn’t keep the kinds of records you’re looking for.  […]

Open meetings comments are closed

November 21, 2013


The below was sent out to media organizations and represents the comments on the proposed open meeting rule of court by the Alliance of California Judges. If you haven’t submitted a comment regarding the proposed open meeting rule then you are too late. They’ve taken it down because they didn’t desire overwhelming negative feedback but […]

Ushering in A New Era in Continuing Judicial Education & Dialogue

March 3, 2013


Palo Alto, California (YenWire) Ushering in A New Era in Continuing Judicial Education & Dialogue Recently concluded earlier this afternoon was a fascinating judicial education program brought to California’s judiciary by the Alliance of California Judges. Produced by George Mason University School of Law, it was a part of their Mason Judicial Education Program concentrating […]

Editorial: The Daily Journal missed the boat

October 31, 2012


Was this an assignment or roaming off the range? by Special Contributor, Yen Interactive Media, Sacramento Was this an assignment or roaming off the range? That’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves about a recent article in the Daily Journal written by Emily Green. In that article titled Alliances critics say group doesn’t practice what it […]

Celebration – ACJ passes the three year mark

September 12, 2012


September 12, 2012 Dear Members: This week marks the three year anniversary of the Alliance of California Judges.  We thank all of our members for standing with us and helping us continue to grow. We have added members every month since our inception and we look forward to working with you in the coming years to […]

Leaked report “summary” details familiar problems

August 23, 2012


Wasn’t it the Ferenghi that said there is profit in chaos?   August 22, 2012 Dear Members and Others, On August 16th, Alliance director Judge David Lampe requested Executive and Planning Committee chairman Justice Douglas Miller to make public the audit report of the AOC Office of Court Construction and Management prepared by Pegasus Global […]

ACJ Letter to the Judicial Council, SEC &E&P committees

August 17, 2012


  You’ll note an ongoing theme of AOC management. When someone releases a report that is highly critical of their operations, they close ranks, take down the dirty laundry curtains, go wash the dirty laundry curtains and put them back in the window and declare they built a new and much improved house with the […]

SEC Recommendations Subject to “Rolling Public Comment”– No End In Sight

July 25, 2012


    July 25, 2012 Dear Members and Others, As you know, the period to comment on the recommendations of the SEC closed last Sunday, or so you may have thought. Actually, the Judicial Council decided to subject the 140-plus recommendations to a “rolling public comment,” which means there is no apparent end in sight. […]

Telecommuting Lawyers KCRA 3 – Mike Leury and a reminder from ACJ

July 19, 2012


First up this evening is a news story about telecommuting lawyers from a few of our favorites, KCRA Channel 3, Mike Leury and Judge Marianne Gilliard of the Alliance of California Judges. A note to the AOC’s Ministry of Truth : Judge Gilliard’s delivery is going to have you all pining for your jobs. Link: […]

Did the AOC lobby against son-of-ab1208 against the Chief’s wishes?

July 11, 2012


You remember that recent bit of revisionist history that had our Chief Justice saying that she was pleased with her shiny new handcuffs don’t you? We’re going to be a whole lot less diplomatic about how we frame the discussion. While the Alliance of California Judges can (and does) maintain a proper decorum when asking […]