Futures Commission Comes Out of the Dark for Limited Public Comment

February 10, 2016


We want to first deliver the Alliance of California Judges latest communique and after the end of their communique that includes some courthouse news articles, we’ve added an additional opinion piece that includes an op-ed by Jeff Adachi that we spotted that we just happen to agree with because we’re pretty good at math and […]

ACJ Response to Futures Commission “Concepts”

February 3, 2016


Set forth below is a letter sent to Justice Carol Corrigan, chair of the Chief Justice’s Futures Commission. The Commission is accepting public comment on 15 concepts in advance of a public hearing scheduled for February 8-9. Many of these concepts, conceived behind closed doors with the assistance of AOC staff, will harm the Judicial […]

Amnesty shouldn’t require an attorney but it does….

February 1, 2016


Reports have been trickling in to us that the Governors Amnesty plan has failed and the reason it is failing is because if ones ticket is already in collections, that is who administers the amnesty program and there is no amnesty being offered. Reports are coming in at an ever increasing rate that says if […]

Futures Commission Cloudy: Try Again Later

February 1, 2016


In advance of a public comment session to be held next month, the Commission on the Future of California’s Court System just released its first batch of ideas. These proposed areas of study, a year and a half in the making, are grouped into 15 “concepts.” You can read them at this link. We have […]

Busting Out in Laughter…

January 24, 2016


Welcome to the first post in our 6th year of tracking one of the most corrupt government institutions in California. The new year brings with it a proposed budget increase for California’s judicial branch that begins to chip away at years of cuts. It also includes tens of millions to chip away at nearly two […]

Twelve days of a JC Christmas 2015

December 12, 2015


On the first day of Christmas the JC gave to me, a data breach because of IT On the second day of Christmas the JC gave to me, two more failed audits and a data breach because of IT On the 3rd day of Christmas the JC gave to me, three new executives, two more […]

Proof positive that rules of court are worthless at the AOC

December 7, 2015


(Disclaimer: JCW is responsible for the title of this communique, not the ACJ) A month ago, Administrative Director Martin Hoshino announced his “final decision” to keep the bulk of the AOC’s operations in San Francisco rather than move the entire outfit to Sacramento.  That decision flies in the face of the recommendations made by the […]

Questions AOC employees want answered

December 3, 2015


AOC employees are by and large a smart bunch who ask smart questions of their management. Sometimes those questions don’t get answered by management and occasionally they find their way to us. Here are a few questions that found their way to us that went unanswered by management. Some of them are paraphrased a bit (and […]

Unveiling Another Power Grab

November 18, 2015


November 18, 2015 Back in January 2014, amid much fanfare, the Chief Justice announced the formation of a Commission on the Future of California’s Court System.  The Futures Commission’s charge was to develop “practical, achievable recommendations that may be implemented by the Judicial Council, the Legislature, or the Governor.” The Alliance has learned that a […]

AOC will stay put….Ignores SEC and State Auditor

November 9, 2015


San Francisco is a very expensive place in which to do business. Bloomberg Business reports that, in addition to sky-high rents for apartment dwellers and businesses, San Francisco is now the world’s most expensive place for visitors to spend the night. Parking, gasoline, groceries—everything costs more in The City. So why does the AOC insist […]

Vocal Trial Court Advocates Dumped From Key Committee

November 4, 2015


Few of us have the time or the attention span to follow the machinations of the Judicial Council’s various advisory bodies. Judging by the press releases that clutter our email inboxes, many of these committees simply approve staff recommendations and pass out awards. But the latest developments at the Trial Court Budget Advisory Committee (TCBAC)—the […]

Say it ain’t so…. Jody’s dog spot is retiring?

October 15, 2015


Update & Corrected: A confirmed message which arrived in our inbox indicates that Curt Soderlund, better known as Jody’s dog spot that has followed her around on a boy leash has announced his retirement. Replacing Curt Child will be a former CDCR exec named Millicent Tidwell. http://www.courts.ca.gov/33347.htm We’re going to miss Curt because he was […]

Judge Tia Fisher Retires; Two new directors are appointed to the ACJ

October 14, 2015


Alliance director and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Tia Fisher has retired from the bench and moved out of state. Judge Fisher played a crucial role in the Alliance’s successful efforts to put an end to CCMS and bring about an audit of the AOC. She was a regular presence in the halls of the […]

Why JudicialCouncilUnited.org ?

October 6, 2015


Why might you consider joining a union if you work at the Judicial Council…. http:\\judicialcouncilunited.org

Judicial Council has a change of mind…releases Aleut settlement agreement

October 6, 2015


Yesterday we received a copy of the settlement agreement between Aleut Global Solutions and the Judicial Council from Yen Interactive Media. While a previous request for that same settlement was refused with a claim that the settlement was confidential, the judicial council appears to have had a change of mind and released the agreement to […]

Playing the long game in avoiding accountability ?

October 3, 2015


When it comes to the judicial council, you can count us as their biggest skeptic. We bust out in laughter any time any new committee is created because generally, without looking at the roster, we generally know that a majority of members are going to be trusted insiders that are going to be doing the […]