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Los Angeles County Court Reporters Directory

July 24, 2013


Are you a Los Angeles County resident or attorney with a civil matter in front of the Los Angeles Courts? If so you might need an official court reporter so read on…. Attached is the official Los Angeles County Court Reporters Association directory. While there were 110 court who lost their jobs and all civil […]

February JC Meeting Wrap-up

March 2, 2013


In the AOC led agenda the Judicial Council again entrusted telecommuting policies up to the overall discretion of AOC management. Although this new policy is more restrictive it continues to offer telecommuting from home based on managers discretion. How long before we discover that we have AOC lawyers working from the Cayman Islands, the Isle […]

The Long Beach PPP Courthouse Contract

December 28, 2012


Enclosed is the Long Beach courthouse contract executed between Mr. Robert Emerson of the Administrative office of the Courts and Mr. Stuart Marks of Long Beach Judicial Partners obtained by Mr. Michael Paul via the State Department of Finance.  Note that the attachments are mostly larger than 8 megabytes each and that they are numbered […]

Setting up the courts for an AOC takeover?

November 29, 2012


It appears that more than a few courts out there fear an AOC takeover of their management. With reserves dwindling down to a mere 1%, that equates to a 1% margin of error in budgeting. By any stretch when you’re dealing with an annual budget of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, a 1% […]

L.A. to close 10 courthouses in the next 8 mos

November 15, 2012


Yesterday we heard that Los Angeles, the largest municipal court system in the world will shutter all courtrooms in 10 courthouses. While the press releases and news articles are unclear about how many jobs will be erased, people are telling us numbers that extend from somewhere short of 300 to 800 or more jobs in […]

The Long Beach boondoggle gets more press coverage

November 14, 2012


It is being referenced to in growing circles as the long beach courthouse boondoggle. At a 35 year operating cost of 2.3 billion dollars, money has yet to be appropriated by anyone to pay for it. The only money appropriated thus far for courthouses comes out of the existing courthouse construction funding provided for by […]

The 1.8 billion dollar courthouse

September 18, 2012


Someone way more familiar with the Long Beach project dropped us a note overnight showing us the errors of our ways. Apparently, the AOC did not sign up for a 22 million dollar per year building which would represent just the costs of construction number and it is the costs of construction number that the […]

The long-awaited SEC (Strategic Evaluation Committee) report is released

May 26, 2012


We’re guessing that the SEC report was intentionally released on a Friday before a long holiday weekend as to blunt the response. JCW’s own analysts will be reviewing the SEC report over the long holiday weekend and will be updating this thread periodically section by section. Additionally, we wish to supplement our own analysis with […]

A day of reckoning for the courts

May 15, 2012


May 14, 2012 Dear Members and Others: What we have predicted has come to pass.  Today the Governor released his “May Revise” budget.  In addition to the permanent reduction originally proposed of $350 million (part of an ongoing $653 million reduction), the new proposal provides for an additional reduction of $540 million, mitigated by a transfer of […]

Justice For Sale & Shoplifting Politicians

October 29, 2011


 It’s been a slow week for news. Nonethess, our first news story is about the richest man in Los Angeles. Doctor Patrick Soon-Shiong is a billionaire who made his money the easy way, primarily by manufacturing and marketing a controversially priced new breast cancer drug Abraxane and by selling his controlling interests in both Abraxis […]

23 days – L.A. Courts announce 750 possible layoffs

August 24, 2011


Yesterday L.A. superior court unveiled it’s own budget troubles by indicating that the states largest trial court system will have an 85.4 million dollar shortfall by the end of this fiscal year. In the current fiscal year, L.A. will avoid layoffs and court closures by burning through their own reserves and relying on one time […]