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When the court falsifies the record it undermines the integrity of the judicial system

June 20, 2014


Nobody is above the law. Well, except sometimes, when you’re a California judge. We generally make it a point to shy away legal cases and focus on what is wrong with the judicial branch. Mostly what is wrong with the judicial branch can be found in San Francisco. However……sometimes we see a series of incidents […]

Op-Ed reply: The JLAC /BSA audit of the Marin County Courts

January 28, 2011


Here is the Center for Judicial Excellence’s response to Judge Boren and Ms. Kim Turner’s Op Ed about the recent Family Court Audit last Friday, which appears in today’s Marin Independent Journal. The IJ editors replaced my reference to Ms. Turner’s involvement in the document destruction with a more general reference to “the court,” though […]

Kids for Cash

November 10, 2010


If history has taught us any lessons, those lessons often reflect that history repeats itself. Let’s take a look at cottage privatization projects of the Judicial Branch, such as the PA Child Care “Kids for Cash” scandal and how this parallels what is happening with California’s custody evaluators, minor counsel, conflict of interests contracts, software projects and construction projects […]

Separation of powers vs. checks and balances

November 5, 2010


Charles-Louis de Secondat, baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu’s various writings and commentary on political structure were utilized by James Madison as an integral part of the framing of a document that we know as the U.S. Constitution. It was Montenesquieu’s belief that a separation of powers should exist between the legislative, executive and judicial branches […]