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Diversionary Tactics of the JC\AOC

February 4, 2013


You probably haven’t really noticed it that much. We started noticing it the day King George tendered his resignation.  What I’m talking about here is diversionary tactics – a method to turn your attention away from a real controversy to one that is manufactured. As a branch, what we should be focusing on is the […]

The Nuclear Option: Changing the Trajectory of the Unjust

January 28, 2013


Citizens of California, Anonymous has observed for some time now the trajectory of justice in California with growing concern. We have marked the departure of this system from the noble ideals in which it was born and enshrined. We have seen the erosion of due process, the dilution of constitutional rights, the usurpation of the […]

When legislative priorities don’t make sense…

January 21, 2013


Something has been bothering us for a few weeks now and we think we need your help in developing an understanding of the why. The thing that has been bothering us is  the Judicial Councils legislative priority of fully funding 50 new judgeships when current judges statewide don’t have enough staff to operate a courtroom […]

The May Revise – 4 months to make a difference

January 13, 2013


The May revise remains an opportunity to move the ball down field. Governor Brown presented to the judicial branch a challenging budget scenario that would require the branch to take an additional 200 million out of the general fund when what the branch really needs is to secure an additional 200 million if we are […]

Brown’s budget: Bad news for the courts, good news for the AOC

January 10, 2013


We’ve been made privy to the approximate amount of cuts in human resources, courtrooms and whole courthouses that would be coming down the pipeline in the event that either a) One of the previous loans made from branch funds to the general fund was not repaid or b) there was neither an increase in funding […]

AG Harris: Carrying the ball against an unelected judge is your responsibility

January 8, 2013


To use a euphemism cited by one of our posters courtflea, chickenshit is contagious.  Thus far the mostly 18,000+ rank and file employees left in California’s judicial branch and many judges have been nonplussed thus far by the lackluster and carefree attitude that the AG’s office has had when it comes to Judicial Council and AOC indiscretions.  Time and […]

Funding the Judicial Branch in FY 13-14 and beyond

January 6, 2013


Raising funds to fund the courts The whole theory of this post isn’t going to set well with our more conservative bretheren but it is something that needs to be discussed and that is raising funds specifically to fund the court system.  A couple of days ago Curt Soderlund indicated to the Daily Journal that […]