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More Construction Woes; Judge McMaster Editorial; ACJ News; Conference Signups

January 29, 2013


January 28, 2012 Dear Members and Others, By now, most of you should be aware that the Administrative Office of the Courts entered in to a “Private Public Partnership” for the building and maintenance of one courthouse in Long Beach that will cost roughly $61 million dollars a year for the next 35 years. Branch […]

The Long Beach PPP Courthouse Contract

December 28, 2012


Enclosed is the Long Beach courthouse contract executed between Mr. Robert Emerson of the Administrative office of the Courts and Mr. Stuart Marks of Long Beach Judicial Partners obtained by Mr. Michael Paul via the State Department of Finance.  Note that the attachments are mostly larger than 8 megabytes each and that they are numbered […]

2012 – Riding High – A Year of Success

December 27, 2012


. Truth be told, we never left the saddle. As we entered into 2012 the first indication that CCMS was dead was on December 20th, 2011 when we announced with the assistance of Tonto (You remember him, the really nice house on the hill in Danville with the really nice yard that had been under […]

Courthouse construction? Frozen until further notice.

December 3, 2012


It should come as no surprise that overspending and spending someone else’s money without their consent doesn’t go over very well.  In the case of the 1.8 billion dollar (2.3 billion dollar)long beach courthouse where both the AOC and Judicial Council took liberties, they’re getting their hands slapped. It is well deserved too. For those […]

The Long Beach boondoggle gets more press coverage

November 14, 2012


It is being referenced to in growing circles as the long beach courthouse boondoggle. At a 35 year operating cost of 2.3 billion dollars, money has yet to be appropriated by anyone to pay for it. The only money appropriated thus far for courthouses comes out of the existing courthouse construction funding provided for by […]

The AOC & Judicial Council’s 285 Rules of Acquisition

October 6, 2012


This came in the email from someone who declared themselves an AOC employee. JC/AOC’s 285 management rules of acquisition 1. Once you have trial court money, you never give it back. 2. The best deal is the one that brings the most kickbacks. 3. When using taxpayer money, always pay more than you have to. […]

The 1.8 billion dollar courthouse

September 18, 2012


Someone way more familiar with the Long Beach project dropped us a note overnight showing us the errors of our ways. Apparently, the AOC did not sign up for a 22 million dollar per year building which would represent just the costs of construction number and it is the costs of construction number that the […]