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ACJ letter & upcoming assembly review on CCMS – and an AB1208 meeting?

March 9, 2012


March 7, 2012 Dear Members and Others, We are pleased to inform you that Assembly Majority Leader Charles Calderon has requested a meeting on March 15th with the key judicial and legislative branch parties regarding AB1208. The Assembly Majority Leader’s letter to the Alliance is attached hereto.  The Alliance has already accepted the offer to […]

The Need to Treat the Legislature with Respect & commentary from JCW

February 4, 2012


February 3, 2012 Dear Members and Others: Yesterday the AOC sent to members of the judiciary, and apparently certain media outlets, a document entitled: “Fact Check: Correcting the False Claims Behind AB 1208.” We are concerned that that the Judiciary not accuse unidentified Assembly members of making “false claims on the Assembly floor.” Within hours […]

Vaporware, Wired Magazine and CCMS

November 24, 2011


. Every year about this time our friend Michael Calore over at Wired Magazine accepts nominations from readers so that he can compile this years top ten list for Wired’s Annual Vaporware Award. While he hasn’t asked for nominations yet, he usually does so early in December. We want to ensure that CCMS gets Wired […]

The precarious position of Sustain & The Daily Journal Corporation

November 2, 2011


Good Morning California, One of the YenWire connected entities tossed some of the following information online as informational background, indicating they would not be writing a story on it because they promised the source that wouldn’t attempt to promote an already existing, viable solution. That didn’t make any sense to us so we picked through […]

AOC Information Services is still hiring like crazy!

September 14, 2011


Judicial Council Watcher has just been forwarded 3 job vacancy announcements from a consulting firm currently doing business with AOC information Services. All three positions are related to CCMS. All three openings were announced today. One is identified as being a temp to permanent position and the others are identified as being three year contracts, […]

17 Days – When a pause voted on by the JC is marching orders for the AOC

August 30, 2011


On July 22nd, we all heard that the Judicial Council voted and passed a one year pause to CCMS. What people probably did not notice is that the AOC, via the trial court budget working group, submitted multiple line-items of CCMS related funding that was all recommended and passed, continuously funding CCMS activity at about […]

50 Days – Take Action. Sign an online petition.

July 28, 2011


Included herein are five online petitions composed by the people at Judicial Council Watcher. Please note that we have been informed of a flaw in the PetitionVoice online petition. The security code that you enter takes TWO authentications often rejecting the first code. Be sure you actually signed the petition by looking for your name at […]

51 Days: A Constitutional Crisis

July 27, 2011


Printed below is a portion of a letter to ACJ members provided to Judicial Council Watcher.  As we have indicated in previous posts, the Judicial Council has undermined the will of the electorate, a strong majority of this states judges, court workers across the state and the state legislature. Never contemplated by us was that this represents a […]

52 days to save California’s access to justice

July 26, 2011


While we read and are aware of the plight of many other courts, San Francisco Superior Court is our proverbial canary in the coalmine with respect to what happens when the AOC diverts trial court trust funds for years and years for their own pet programs. Based on the 60 day layoff notices, we believe that […]

Michael Paul files a whistleblower retaliation suit against the AOC

July 13, 2011


Former AOC Senior Technical Analyst Michael Paul has filed a whistleblower retailation suit against the AOC in San Francisco Superior Court.  San Francisco Case Number CGC-11-512423 names the Administrative Office of the Courts and twenty John/Jane Does that are currently unspecified.  There appears only one singular cause of action and that is the whistleblower protections granted to […]

An ACJ message pertaining to the latest budget cut

July 7, 2011


As we received these images as bitmaps we had to convert them to jpeg’s to post them so the chart is a little blurry. Try to use the browser enlarge feature on your browser. Since Automattic integrated in social networking logons, Google Chrome seems to be the best browser we’ve tested for posting comments with […]

Which court will abandon V4 first due to budget constraints?

July 2, 2011


As explained by other posts, the Court Case Management System Version 4 (herein referred to as V4) can only be deployed statewide if either a) The AOC pays for the installation and migration, maintenance and operations of more than half of the county courts in this state or b) that the courts with the resources […]

New budget cut is as predicted – a staggering 650 million

June 27, 2011


Today, the substantial gap between a balanced budget and wishful thinking gimmicks was closed in principle just as we believed it might be – with an additional 300 million dollars in budget cuts to the judicial branch by diverting 300 million dollars in construction funds. How could this be? Well, think about what you did […]

Judicial Branch’s AOC Austerity Plan

June 23, 2011


Contained in this thread are specific actions that will save the branch money. This initial post will consist of ideas we received from AOC personnel, from our media associates and from JCW. Feel free to add to the list as you see fit. 1. Cease all further development on CCMS via Deloitte.  – Deloitte has […]

A shadow crime syndicate shielded by judicial immunity?

June 20, 2011


Tell me this does not describe the true purpose of CCMS deployed centrally…. The word racket is used to describe a business, syndicate or entity that is based on the example of the protection racket and indicates a belief that it is engaged in the sale of a solution to a problem that the institution itself creates or perpetuates, […]

CCMS Needed for Public Safety? Not so fast….

June 19, 2011


A little more than a week ago, Justice Ming Chin set out to write an op-ed to rescue his beloved boondoggle in the Sacramento Bee. He attempted to state the case for a modern case management system in the Judicial Branch as a cure to a computer system problem in the Executive Branch. The CDC […]