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Breaking up the AOC into pieces?

February 20, 2011


Wouldn’t it be amazing if open discussions on a few blog entries resulted in a consensus that solved most of the judicial branch’s most serious problems…. The concept of managing AOC oversight is a challenge when you consider it is an administrative office of the judicial council. That sentiment seemed to be expressed in a recent poll where we described […]

How to reject over a billion dollars in federal funds………………. The American Reinvestment & Recovery Act and the Judicial Council / AOC

November 24, 2010


Some time ago I saw an allegation that the AOC never applied for American Reinvestment & Recovery Act dollars (also known as stimulus funds) towards courthouse construction so I did extensive checking on I invite you to do the same as it’s a fascinating site. While I could find a series of grants made to the […]

Master Services Agreements and the AOC

November 20, 2010


A MSA or Master Services Agreement is a blanket agreement to provide either goods, services or both goods and services to the government entity. They are often utilized to avoid the public bidding process by providing a fixed discount on products and a fixed price for services. But are they a good deal? The AOC relies on […]