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2012 – Riding High – A Year of Success

December 27, 2012


. Truth be told, we never left the saddle. As we entered into 2012 the first indication that CCMS was dead was on December 20th, 2011 when we announced with the assistance of Tonto (You remember him, the really nice house on the hill in Danville with the really nice yard that had been under […]

Council acts to reform bloated bureaucracy

September 4, 2012


  It’s probably a combination of Justice Corrigan’s plea as well as the Alliance being cautiously optimistic about actual reforms taking place given the words exchanged and the votes taken. Here is the rub: Four of these items that came to unanimous votes in this judicial council session were shunned without so much as a […]

When you can’t maintain the buildings you have, build more of them.

August 16, 2012


Sounds like an absurd premise and yet in California’s judicial branch it is an absurd public policy.  While California is mired in debt and has an unfunded pension liability that’s about half of the states’ annual budget, while draconian cuts directed at the house of (George) fraud, waste, abuse and public corruption that is the AOC […]

Death Star Communications

May 15, 2012


    From: Patel, Jody Sent: Friday, May 11, 2012 2:32 PM Subject: Executive Office Update Colleagues: I want to provide an update on judicial branch and AOC-related activities for next week, and as we approach the end of the fiscal year. Revised State Budget The May revision to the Governor’s proposed state budget for […]

Judicial Branch’s AOC Austerity Plan

June 23, 2011


Contained in this thread are specific actions that will save the branch money. This initial post will consist of ideas we received from AOC personnel, from our media associates and from JCW. Feel free to add to the list as you see fit. 1. Cease all further development on CCMS via Deloitte.  – Deloitte has […]

A shadow crime syndicate shielded by judicial immunity?

June 20, 2011


Tell me this does not describe the true purpose of CCMS deployed centrally…. The word racket is used to describe a business, syndicate or entity that is based on the example of the protection racket and indicates a belief that it is engaged in the sale of a solution to a problem that the institution itself creates or perpetuates, […]

The legislature strikes back…

March 4, 2011


An increasingly agitated state legislature voted Thursday to subject the AOC to the public contract code EXCEPT for construction. Assembly Bill AB314 would subject court construction and the court construction contractors to common sense laws that protect the public trust and public money. This is the first step in moving court construction over to responsible government. Please […]

Breaking up the AOC into pieces?

February 20, 2011


Wouldn’t it be amazing if open discussions on a few blog entries resulted in a consensus that solved most of the judicial branch’s most serious problems…. The concept of managing AOC oversight is a challenge when you consider it is an administrative office of the judicial council. That sentiment seemed to be expressed in a recent poll where we described […]

How to reject over a billion dollars in federal funds………………. The American Reinvestment & Recovery Act and the Judicial Council / AOC

November 24, 2010


Some time ago I saw an allegation that the AOC never applied for American Reinvestment & Recovery Act dollars (also known as stimulus funds) towards courthouse construction so I did extensive checking on I invite you to do the same as it’s a fascinating site. While I could find a series of grants made to the […]

Master Services Agreements and the AOC

November 20, 2010


A MSA or Master Services Agreement is a blanket agreement to provide either goods, services or both goods and services to the government entity. They are often utilized to avoid the public bidding process by providing a fixed discount on products and a fixed price for services. But are they a good deal? The AOC relies on […]