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When the court falsifies the record it undermines the integrity of the judicial system

June 20, 2014


Nobody is above the law. Well, except sometimes, when you’re a California judge. We generally make it a point to shy away legal cases and focus on what is wrong with the judicial branch. Mostly what is wrong with the judicial branch can be found in San Francisco. However……sometimes we see a series of incidents […]

Centralized Funding & Control – The Real “Phantom Menace”

April 14, 2014


The Chief Justice made a startling statement in a recent television interview: “General funds support for the third branch of government has failed. It’s absolutely a skeleton of what it used to be.” Her remarks stand in stark contrast with those of her predecessor in a speech he gave back in 2009: “It was anticipated […]

As usual, the AOC’s math just doesn’t add up. Time for an Audit.

March 12, 2014


A letter by Judge Kenneth So on Judicial Council letterhead dated March 7 was sent yesterday to every judge in California in a “Court News Update” email.  Judge So claims that we’ve given you misleading information about how the AOC runs its business.  We disagree, and we can back up what we said—with the AOC’s […]

The Fictional Works of Ron George

November 6, 2013


The Quest for Justice in California – An autobiography by Former Chief Justice Ronald M. George When your ego knows no bounds and you’re being tagged as the cause of much strife and consternation by your peers, it’s time to jump on the old ‘puter and pen yourself some 800 pages of revisionist history. The […]

Is the AOC is contracting with entities that don’t appear to legally exist?

September 10, 2013


One of the things that has shocked us over the years is how the AOC contracts with a multitude of entities that 1) Don’t appear to be legally formed or exist or 2) that they seemingly hire or otherwise engage hundreds of new law firms every year across California. The latter serves to bolster their […]

Judicial Council Again Opposes Reform

July 3, 2013


In signing the recent Budget Act, Governor Brown used a line item veto to eliminate the requirement that the Judicial Council open its policy meetings to the public. The Alliance thanks Speaker John Perez for his leadership and courage in seeking greater transparency in our branch by including this language in the Budget Act. The […]

Artificially increasing the odds of “Not Reasonably Likely”…..

June 22, 2013


  In another thread MaxRebo presents a suitable cause\effect analysis of the politically astute Cantil-Sakauye‘s (HRH-2) offensive renaming of the Star Chamber conference center as the William C Vickrey conference center. I’ll add to that mix the offensive renaming of the Ronald M. George state office complex. Besides the fact that these characters are still above […]

Welcome to June. Welcome to change.

June 4, 2013


It’s a new month and with it come some significant changes. For the past eighteen months or so, we’ve covered less of the story ourselves and have relied upon both our own aggregation of judicial branch news as well as aggregation with your invaluable assistance. The reasons for this was that our resources were redirected […]

AG Harris: Carrying the ball against an unelected judge is your responsibility

January 8, 2013


To use a euphemism cited by one of our posters courtflea, chickenshit is contagious.  Thus far the mostly 18,000+ rank and file employees left in California’s judicial branch and many judges have been nonplussed thus far by the lackluster and carefree attitude that the AG’s office has had when it comes to Judicial Council and AOC indiscretions.  Time and […]

“Judge” Jack Halpin vs. Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye

January 1, 2013


It took us some time but we finally were able to get our hands on the chief justices order of December 18th 2012 to Judge Jack Halpin. We’re having a little more difficulty coming by the letter that the AOC wrote to the Attorney Generals’ office indicating that the quo warranto is a moot point. […]

Welcome to 2013 – The Year of Reckoning

January 1, 2013


Reckoning (noun): A settlement of accounts For over three years now we and many others have stood by and made a record of judicial branch accounts. Today our record spans over 500 articles on this site alone and another 140 produced by or produced in conjunction with media partners from across the state. All of […]

2012 – Riding High – A Year of Success

December 27, 2012


. Truth be told, we never left the saddle. As we entered into 2012 the first indication that CCMS was dead was on December 20th, 2011 when we announced with the assistance of Tonto (You remember him, the really nice house on the hill in Danville with the really nice yard that had been under […]

’twas the night before Christmas…

December 24, 2012


Apologies about the late submission but this was so brilliant it needed to be posted immediately. Delilah gives you… the night before Christmas…. feel free to add a verse! ****** Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the State, good people were acting to change the Courts’ fate. The misdeeds and boondoggles shown everywhere, […]

Exclusive: The reason why our judges have gone silent

December 14, 2012


As you probably observed in another thread, the AOC is under federal investigation over their mismanagement of the court interpreters program. Along with everything else they mismanage, the AOC has been managing the funds given to it by the state legislature for court interpreters. The way it works in practical terms is that a local […]

AOC Employees – Be sure to say Hello to the DOJ investigators…

December 11, 2012


In case you haven’t heard, the United States Department of Justice investigators are interviewing certain AOC employees both yesterday and today, possibly in connection with the AOC re-purposing funds for court interpreters. A suggestion to DOJ investigators: Don’t stop there. Trace every federal dollar in every program. Trace every dollar to the vendors. Make sure […]

The leadership crisis has now been exacerbated

September 5, 2012


He has a ton of dirt on the Judicial Branch players and intimate knowledge of wrongdoing. His credibility is so shot in front of legislators who have been repeatedly lied to by him that many will no longer give him an audience. What do you do with a lobbyist such as this that represents your […]