Welcome to the first business day of our reinvigorated 10 year run!

Posted on January 2, 2017


Thanks to the sheer incompetence of Judicial Council staff leadership, we’re going to be spending the next ten years nipping at their heels.

Last week, the San Francisco trial court ruled that the Jacobs entities maintained their contractors license and that the 22.7 million that the Judicial Council should have been able to recover is actually money owed to Jacobs. Even after reading this decision carefully, we find many of the conclusions of the decision absurd.We primarily fault the AOC in doing everything possible to create a safe harbor to allow the defendant to walk away with the money.

For example: The ruling in the evidentiary hearing cites a previous ruling that both the jury and the court made the determination that the contracting Jacobs entities did not knowingly violate state contracting laws because the effective date of them allegedly finding out was not when it was reported to them in 2008, nor not when they were sued for not having a contractors license in 2009, nor not when they entered into the contract with allegedly no employees in 2006/2007, but when the appellate court ruled in 2013 that an evidentiary hearing would need to be held to determine if the contractor was licensed by which time Jacobs had successfully mounted a Hail Mary effort in the legislature (Courtesy of the Jacobs “Good Government Fund”) to win their case by retroactively changing the underlying law and to point to a statement in the Appellate decision as the basis for the required change about disgorgement for a minor technicality (which it really wasn’t) being an absurd result.

The lawsuit and many of its conclusions were a smokescreen for what really happened in this case and that smokescreen has been perpetuated by both the defendants and on behalf of the plaintiffs employees that derived benefits from this arrangement.One big part of the smokescreen was the “rebranding initiative” where for a few years, not a single “Team Jacobs” document has a California state contractors license on it simply because “Team Jacobs” had no contractors license. Other documents filed with the Contractors State License Board indicated that the contracting entity had “no employees” manning hundreds of courthouses across the state, yet the courthouses were in fact manned, by a subcontract to ABM industries who also had no contractors license. None of these facts came up in trial and none were presented by the AOC. This was no accident and was intentional. The so called rebranding initiative was smokescreened as a joint venture between the Jacobs companies and not what it really was: a co-branding initiative between Jacobs and ABM.

ABM would not be involved in the lawsuit at all and would never be mentioned by anyone. No one would ever question who was getting paid to do the work, no one would ever question whose employees were manning all the courthouses under the contract.

This folks is corruption at its finest hour. And one of the reasons we have chosen to post little in the past couple months is because with the election of Mr. Trump, we felt that this was a continuance of the California government by kleptocracy that is about to be left in the shadows by our president elect such that we may never see either an appeal, nor justice in this case.

Right now, there is a movement gearing up to have California quit the union. In light of our lack of prosecution for crimes against the people by both incompetent and outright crooked government employees and politicians, we could not, in good conscience, make that recommendation. For one, CalExit already has been recognized by Russia and has already opened an official embassy in Moscow.  This was Kremlin predictable and has been the way that the Kremlin has served to toss other countries into civil chaos or even civil war. Put a wildly unpopular leader into the head of government and watch a country tear itself apart to distance themselves from that leader.

But I digress….

What we’re happy to see is that many of the employees involved in this scheme to cheat both the courts and the people were mostly all canned by the AOC but for us to even think of reconsidering another 10 years of AOC coverage, ALL INVOLVED must be fired leaving quite a few more jobs on the chopping block along with ALL INVOLVED with CCMS and CAFM.  We remain sick of rewarding incompetent management – and by the way, so do your employees.

Several of them reached out to us about the pictures from Jody Patel’s alleged Halloween party that was themed in really poor taste “Orange is the new black”. According to a few emails received, though we never received the pictures we were promised because they were quickly taken off the intranet, the theme of the party had everyone making a joke out of incarceration in their cubicles, complete with orange jumpsuits and blackface.

Unfortunately, we were not provided with any of the pictures we were promised, though we’ve received several emails about the subject from offended employees. And yet a few people getting together to give someone a birthday cake at work was considered inappropriate?