People got me questioning….

Posted on September 3, 2016


Where Is The Love?


After a 12 13* year hiatus, the Black Eyed Peas reunited with quite a few other recording artists to perform a moving remake of their hit single “Where Is The Love?”

In the two days since its release it has tens of millions of views across a variety of of websites. We chose to be one of the many sites across the internet to spread this message because frankly, we ask ourselves this question nearly every day we see or hear injustices here in California.

The average viewer of JCW has no idea how many people from all walks of life reach out to us to advocate for their legal turmoil but it’s fair to state that it exceeds the number of posts and comments to this site – and it’s escalating. Our own terms of use as well as our moderation generally (and painfully) discourages people posting information about their case because it distracts from the objectives of this site and where our focus is.

The good people of Santa Clara County Superior Court recently ended their strike after a whopping eight years without a raise – all while the judicial branch set fire to 60 million dollars in the form of a courthouse they use for storage. They’re being led by (we think) the highest paid court executive officer in the state who happens to also be a TCS favorite. We found it appalling that employees needed to strike at all, considering the volume of waste in just that county alone. The court does not have a foot to stand on as long as their CEO is overcompensated.

Much like San Francisco, there is not even a handful of employees in Santa Clara Superior Court that can go out tomorrow and purchase a house in the county they work in because they do not income qualify. So in the great scheme of shifting dollars from Santa Clara county where no one can afford to live to San Bernardino County where the average court employee can actually still participate in the so-called American dream of home ownership, people got us questioning – where is the love?

Yesterday, we read this article (link) about San Bernardino with a cute picture of a sticker that says Hello, my name is “close enough” where it describes litigation against the county where 450 people were jailed in the last 5 years over warrants that were not theirs. We’d be fascinated to learn how many of those people lost their jobs over these arrests when they didn’t show up to work the next morning, given most employers will fire you for being arrested and not showing up for work because of it – even if it was a false arrest.

But that also consists of 450 cases clogging the courts that never should have got to San Bernardino court where the cases were dismissed, usually only after people forfeited bail to a bail bondsman – if they could afford one. Again, people got us questioning – where is the love?

Parents across California who have lost joint custody or visitation rights or, as a more recent case brought to our attention, are forced by a commissioners court order to live in rat infested, county condemned building with her children because it was a rental provided free of charge by their multiply convicted domestic batterer and former partner and are prohibited from moving to another county got us questioning – where is the love?

Among other things, love consists of humans showing humanity to their fellow man, be they a traffic scofflaw who can never hope to pay their sizable ticket burdens or parents who simply want to be able to safely interact with their children. Love consists of fairness, compassion, understanding and accountability at all levels.

We can and must do better.

*Will.I.Am can’t count. We later verified through another interview with him that it was actually 13 years – along  with his admission that he can’t count.

And the original with 193 million views and counting..