No more pfabulous boondoggles or trips to disneyland on the taxpayers dime?

Posted on June 22, 2016


While we remain unsure of the scope of change, here is what has been communicated to us by multiple sources. Consistently, everyone indicates that there were more than a dozen let go at the AOC and that the facilities management unit was hit the hardest.

  1. We won’t be seeing anymore pfabulous boondoggles or taxpayer trips to disneyland. Unfortunately, we also won’t be making anymore word puns over his name either because Gerald Pfab who headed FMU got the axe. So did his right hand, Pat McGrath.
  2. All 3 regional managers, (those right below the senior management) MR Gafill, Nick Turner* and Ken Kachold were also axed.
  3. Names we won’t divulge are alleged to include all of the support engineers and other support individuals, including those working on the misguided “baby baldridge” award.

In essence, the entire senior management team of FMU (those that maintain existing courthouses) got the axe, which is entirely appropriate when two different court cases basically indicate that they illegally hired and spent nearly 28 million dollars on unlicensed contractors to perform work on nearly every courthouse from the Oregon border to the Mexican border and kept on using them after they knew that they were unlicensed.

It appears that Martin Hoshino is the first AOC Executive Director willing to do the right thing for a change, something that none of his predecessors was willing to do in spite of a long train wreck of information that should have resulted in terminations more than 5 years ago. Most of this management team’s names sit on the wall of shame we call digital purgatory. 

We mentioned we had a few more names and we do and they’ve been adequately confirmed. However, we don’t have enough information to adequately confirm others to be able to understand the scope going into the new fiscal year so if you can aid us in supplying those additional names from multiple sources, please contact us at the ultra secure

Thanks in advance for your support!

*edited to correct an obvious mistake