Long Beach Courthouse Will Bleed Construction Funds For Decades

Posted on June 6, 2016


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We forward this link to an article by Monica Showalter of the American Media Institute that was recently published in the Long Beach Press Telegram. The article details the ongoing financial burden posed by the George Deukmejian Courthouse in Long Beach. We note that the article might have lowballed the annual service fee; according to the AOC’s own figures from 2013, we’re on the hook for an annual service fee that will average $61.1 million a year, not $53 million, for the next 35 years. The true cost of the Long Beach courthouse is being borne by the court employees and members of the public across the state who have to do their business in deteriorating courthouses.

What motivated this monumental misallocation of resources at a time when the state could least afford it remains the unanswered question. We hope Ms. Showalter’s continuing investigation can answer that question. In the meantime, we continue to call for an audit of the courthouse construction and facilities maintenance funds.

Directors, Alliance of California Judges