Amnesty shouldn’t require an attorney but it does….

Posted on February 1, 2016


Reports have been trickling in to us that the Governors Amnesty plan has failed and the reason it is failing is because if ones ticket is already in collections, that is who administers the amnesty program and there is no amnesty being offered.

Reports are coming in at an ever increasing rate that says if your ticket goes out to the collection agency, the collection agency manages your amnesty case. As a private entity that is collecting money on behalf of the state and getting a percentage of the take, people who qualify for 80% off of their citations due to their income or circumstances – and they are clearly qualified because the payment was due before January 1, 2013 are being told by collection agencies that “amnesty means 1/3 of the full amount due every month for 3 months, plus 50.00 for agreeing to their payment plan and that there is no better deal on the table – and don’t bother contacting the courts because they will send you back to us”

If you were a collection agency, would you go through the trouble of setting up a payment plan for 200.00 and a lousy 60.00 commission for setting up the plan or would you rather collect $300.00 for setting up a payment plan on the full $1,000.00?

I think we all know the answer.

Something stinks in amnesty land….. but wait! If you contact the collection agency with your attorney on the line – and your attorney expresses that what is being quoted as amnesty by the collection agencies is not amnesty at all and details what an amnesty payment and payment plan should look like under the law, then you might reluctantly get an amnesty payment plan that looks more like what the law intended.

Of course, if you can afford to hire a lawyer, you should have NO PROBLEM paying your tickets, right? 🙂