Busting Out in Laughter…

Posted on January 24, 2016


Welcome to the first post in our 6th year of tracking one of the most corrupt government institutions in California. The new year brings with it a proposed budget increase for California’s judicial branch that begins to chip away at years of cuts. It also includes tens of millions to chip away at nearly two billion in deferred maintenance. Apparently that will be managed by a former Walmart associate that was hired to replace Burt Hirshfeld as director of facilities, which is probably appropriate given the AOC’s big box construction mentality….. now we’ll be able to see the world’s cheapest particle board check stands brought to a clerks window or judges bench near you. This choice has AOC employees statewide busting out in laughter while quietly ridiculing their new fearless leader.

2016 has also ushered in some sadness in the rock world as well with the passing of two rock legends, while a few other rock legends were enlisted to provide the soundtrack to what we would argue is the most moving political commercial of the 2016 election season to date.

First up: This gentleman’s music released in 1985 single-handedly caused everyone that listened to it to rethink the war on drugs by highlighting the creation of many of the same criminal elements that doomed prohibition in the 1933. He produced this soundtrack for one of the most watched television shows of the eighties: Miami Vice. He was also a founding member of the Eagles. The staff at JCW continues to mourn over the passing of Glenn Frey and although he may have checked out of a hospital in New York, he never left Hotel California.

Next up: We also mourn the passing of another rock legend who would consistently reinvent his music over the years to stay relevant and are saddened by the passing of David Bowie.

And last: We’d like to bring to you a now viral sensation (2 million views in 48 hours) that we would argue is by far, the best political commercial of the 2016 election season to date that was compiled to a compelling music track of Simon & Garfunkel.

We’re still working on a promised post about the construction debacle that is the Long Beach courthouse and the shady characters involved and continue to collect information, much of which is being supplied by readers such as yourselves. We urge you to keep that information flowing and thank you for your continued support.