Say it ain’t so…. Jody’s dog spot is retiring?

Posted on October 15, 2015


Update & Corrected:
A confirmed message which arrived in our inbox indicates that Curt Soderlund, better known as Jody’s dog spot that has followed her around on a boy leash has announced his retirement. Replacing Curt Child will be a former CDCR exec named Millicent Tidwell.

We’re going to miss Curt because he was the poster child of cronyism within the AOC. Hopefully, Ms. Tidwell possesses some leadership skills that Soderlund never had. Widely recognized as an ineffectual leader who grabbed onto Jody’s coattails and held on for dear life throughout his judicial branch career, Curt Soderlund represented a microcosm of what was wrong with the AOC. Of course, we’re still waiting for the other retirement announcements rumored, including a good portion of the brown noser leadership team as part of an actual housecleaning.

If Mr. Hoshino is to have any hope of ever winning over his own employees and the rest of the branch, a housecleaning of most of the leadership team is an absolute necessity. As it stands, changes to lower paid workers while not making a dent in the leadership ranks has both employees and the rest of the branch seriously irked. Employees are irked enough to be organizing so that they don’t lose any more ground in one of the most expensive cities on planet earth while managers and above get an apparent free pass.

While we all patiently wait for the promised change and for Hoshino to earn some credibility in execution, we have to give him some kudos. According to an email he sent, he has contacted both Courtcall as well as Curt Child and informed them that the use of proprietary branch information in his revolving door position is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated.

Initially, the inquiries from judges demanded to know HOW Curt Child got the proprietary info to contact every judge in the state about his new job. Most people are well aware of the HOW, he likely walked out the door with it. Apparently, he and his company have been requested not to use it.

In the coming days we’re going to be putting a post together about contracting practices. The reason we’re going to be doing this post is to highlight how many businesses the judicial branch does business with that do not have the proper license and/or registration to conduct business. Moreover, when a license or registration is suspended or surrendered, the judicial branch pays sales tax on goods and those taxes, the taxes that pay their salaries never gets remitted back to the state because inactive entities don’t need to file tax returns.

One would think that with the unlicensed contractor debacle, the AOC would go out of their way to ensure that every business they did business with was properly licensed, registered and had a valid resale permit. But as you will soon see, they don’t.

Stay Tuned.

Oh, and I almost forgot………