SofaMan Resurfaces & JC Gets Another Shot at Disgorgement

Posted on August 21, 2015


SofaMan resurfaces in Dayton, Ohio

Did you happen to notice that when most former AOC baddies leave the AOC they also leave the state? Such is the case of our ‘beloved’ Sofaman – Mr. Kenneth Couch.

Thanks to our own darling Wendy Darling we have this tidbit that someone managed to dig up somewhere.

City Appoints New Human Resource Director
Release Date: Monday, November 17, 2014

City Manager Tim Riordan today announced the appointment of Kenneth Couch to
Director of Human Resources, effective December 1.

Mr. Couch will manage a team of eleven and provide assistance to nearly 2000
employees across 14 city departments. Couch, an accomplished Human Resources
executive, brings 20 years of HR experience working on both the management and
labor side of human resources. As Director of Human Resources, Mr. Couch will be
responsible for overseeing the City’s health care budget, workers compensation
expenses, labor management relations and all other aspects of human resources.

“Ken brings hands-on experience to head our human resources department,” said
Tim Riordan, City Manager. “His well-rounded background makes him an
excellent choice for our executive team.”

Prior to accepting this position, Couch was the Director of Human Resources for the
Judicial Council of California. His responsibilities included leading and directing
labor and employee relations and coordinating human resource services for 58
County Superior Courts, 6 Appellate Courts, Supreme Court and the Judicial
Council staff.

Couch holds a Bachelor’s degree in Labor Studies from The McGregor School of
Antioch University, Silver Springs, Maryland and Master’s degree in Conflict
Resolution from Antioch University, Yellow Springs Ohio.

Anonymous referenced Mr. Couch’s stellar reputation in Human resources as well. Before Mr. Couch worked for the AOC he spearheaded attempting to gut retirement benefits for Sonoma County retired employees, leaving a huge legal mess in his wake when he then went to work for the AOC. In the process of doing so he inadvertently created something akin to his own fan site. Feel free to avail yourselves of their legal page.


The AOC Gets Another Shot Jacobs Facilities Unlicensed Contractor Disgorgement

Yesterday, Official managed to dig up this interesting tidbit from California’s First District Court of Appeals:

Click to access A140890.PDF

So the First District Court of Appeals, who came perilously close to being a victim of this unlicensed entity with a generator project destined to power their own server room reversed and remanded this case back to the Superior Court. Now, there are about 121 court entities out there that were in fact indirect victims of this unlicensed activity, including San Francisco Superior Court.

Do yourselves a favor: Send copies of that material to all parties. None of it meets the requisite requirements of a licensed contractor. All contractors are supposed to put their physical address and contractors license numbers on all materials. You will find none of this information on their business cards and proposals.

Eighteen Over 22 million dollars that should go directly back into our courts is at stake as most of those 121 courts from the Bay Area to San Diego, including San Francisco Superior Court have business cards and proposals from Team Jacobs.