ACT: The “I’m an AOC or Court Employee” Initiative

Posted on July 31, 2015


We recognize that there may be an issue with employees of the courts or employees of the AOC writing a letter to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee and requesting an audit or signing a petition. In a “Hail Mary” last ditch effort to deliver as many petitioners as humanly possible by next Tuesday at noon, we want to ask that you consider using our hushmail form to make the request as it is 100% untraceable back to you as all fields are optional. You don’t even need to use your name if you don’t want to.

We’ll even suggest what you should say so that you can copy and paste it in the form. To get to the form, all you have to do is follow this link (link)


Dear distinguished members of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee,

I am a concerned citizen of the State of California. I am also a (Court or Judicial Council – Eliminate one) employee that is trying to avoid using my name due to fear of making a career limiting choice by speaking out. Today, I write this letter to you to respectfully request that you consider auditing the Judicial Council’s facilities maintenance and construction programs that have thus far escaped legislative scrutiny.

A simple internet search – or even a review of the many complaints filed with the state legislature over the past six years regarding the use of unlicensed contractors, overcharging for projects and paying contractors to fix the damage that they themselves cause are just a few themes of the many complaints.

I’m also concerned about how the 2.3 billion dollar Long Beach courthouse PPP project was awarded, why courthouses that were just built 4 years ago for millions are being shut down and whether or not the Judicial Council is safely managing the buildings that I work in.

I also question the over a thousand dollars per square foot being paid for building new courthouses and how the AOC’s outdated facilities standards might play a part in to these costs when federal authorities are able to build federal courthouses for a fraction of the cost.

I believe that only an audit of the court construction and facilities maintenance programs at the Judicial Council can expose the waste in all of these programs. Please consider auditing the Judicial Council’s facilities maintenance and construction programs before all the money is spent and it is too late.


A concerned (court or judicial council – eliminate one) employee


All you will need to do is copy and paste the above in the link provided. We will print it off and have it hand delivered to the committee. We would ask that you provide some uniqueness in your response, like maybe the city you work or live in or the zip code of the city you work or live in. Another way would be to alter our suggested text. At any rate, we would love to deliver as many unique requests as we can and we need your help.


The staff of Judicial Council Watcher and Yen Interactive Media

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