Curtis Child’s goodbye – Courtesy of the White House

Posted on April 22, 2015


On April 20th, 2015 Executive Director Martin Hoshino announced via email that Curtis Child, one of the chief henchmen responsible for the getting the legislature to underwrite the shenanigans of 455 Golden Gate Avenue was moving over to a “national firm” where he would continue his advocacy of the California Courts.

Some rumors are circulating that he’s actually going through the revolving door of the national center for state courts where his whopping expensive salary and benefits package will continue to be paid by the AOC through membership dues and service fees but we’ve been unable to confirm that.

Not long ago, Mr. Child represented the AOC as the director for the Office of Governmental Affairs as an in-house lobbyist. When his credibility was all but completely shot to shit in the halls of the state legislature, instead of firing Mr. Child they actually reorganized the AOC and added yet another layer of management on top of the existing over bloated bureaucratic management heap and this generated a near universal muttering of “are you *uc(7%$ kidding me?” across a wide spectrum of leadership in all branches of government.

If Mr Hoshino is really serious about reform, he will also be eliminating that entire level of management to also include Ms. Patel and her dog spot, otherwise known as the other Curt.

What do you think about the departure? Should the position be refilled or eliminated? Should the AOC continue to be reorganized in a management eliminated direction?