If the insiders repeat it enough we will actually believe it?

Posted on March 18, 2015


You probably noticed that the insiders on the judicial council, save a few blowhards like judge David Rosenberg who basically framed the latest audit report as a pack of lies were unusually quiet leading up to the legislative hearing. It was only after the hearing that we see other press reports that suggest that the glacial pace of reform was all just an instrumental part of the plan brought to you by none other than the insiders.

They also know that if they all repeat the same B.S. often enough, it begins to develop legs as its own version of the truth. In essence, it becomes the lie that supplants the facts. The insiders and their speak with one voice mantra have banned together to derail the audit results by putting it on a slow track to nowhere and much like the SEC report, destined to die a death of a thousand cuts at the hands of AOC management. We all witnessed the same thing with CCMS. We witnessed it with the CCMS audit as well. We witnessed it with the SEC report and now we’ve come full circle and are witnessing it with the AOC audit.

We will continue to refer to them as AOC management until such time that the judicial council begins to seriously consider their yet to be seen oversight role where accountability comes to fruition. Whatever you do, please don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen because the Hoshino plan for reform relies upon graceful retirements of AOC executives, including himself. It’s no secret within the AOC that many of the management team wants to stick around only long enough to retire from the agency and are what the military terms “retired on active duty” by simply filling a slot on an org chart because there is no such thing as performance evaluations at the AOC.

What’s really going down is that a few people who are really good at deflecting the B.S. now manage the AOC and have not taken the SEC recommendations to heart. In most cases, there is no timeline for the implementation of sec recommendations. Even though an advisory member of the judicial council sat in front of a joint legislative audit committee and made the representation that things are moving along at a brisk pace since the release of the audit, various other voting members of the judicial council have implied that quite the opposite is happening and that it will take a really long time to implement further reforms.

As usual, there is one message to legislators in their oversight role and another message to the rest of the branch and the media. Don’t you hope that your legislators are paying attention like they were when they killed CCMS? Nothing against Marsha Slough but since that legislative hearing, the insiders have all but undermined most everything she represented and they can do that because she is an advisory member and as such, does not represent the council.

Much like Terrence Bruiniers of CCMS fame, was she pushed onto the stage to take one for Team George?