Items that an auditor of construction should look into

Posted on March 6, 2015


As we’ve expressed many times before the broad exemptions to the state fraud, waste and abuse laws for construction activity means that the former AOC can run their business any way they choose to. If they want to hire their spouse to perform the work and pay them ten times what a project should cost, that is perfectly okay because only rules of court govern the AOC and nobody exists outside a courtroom to enforce the rules of court.

We have a list of specific items that should be looked into regarding the facilities program

1. Free trips to New England (paid for by the taxpayers) to visit VFA who they contracted with as a consultant

2. Jerry’s kids’ free trip to Disneyland (paid for by the taxpayers) to attend the prospector awards

3. Legacy friendships from years ago that turn into employment offers and contract positions reporting to managers who then ignore the ineptitude of their friends. (Of interest: all of the FMU leadership used to work with each other in the Air Force)

4. The MANY contract staff who have been hired FT to OCCM contracts who reside outside CA and commute to CA to cash AOC checks.

5. The justification for statewide travel by certain FMU managers who feel compelled to visit every courthouse in the state, without any legitimate business reason, who only stay at certain high end hotel chains (often further away than necessary) on the Court’s dime for the sole purpose of accruing hotel loyalty points they then use for their own vacations.

6. The fact that exorbitant or unconscionable contracts are frequently executed with the knowledge that the JCC is exempt from public contracting code.

7. How managers have found ways to counteroffer employee resignations with big incentives to make them stay.

8. How managers make inconsistent hiring decisions waiving requirements for their allies and justify firing or not promoting others for insignificant non-issues while blatant incompetence is overlooked – so long as you are a manager’s buddy.

9. How many staff also work other jobs and own businesses that they run during the work day.

10. Vacations that are not approved or announced until after people return – and they somehow don’t show up on time cards as use of accrued leave (freebie vacations are an issue across the AOC due to their time accounting system which amounts to filling out a time card once per month. Feel free to lie because you will never be caught or called on it.)

11. Staff who cancel their own home data plans and personal cell phones because they rely on AOC equipment 24/7 even for personal use.