Another pfabulous meeting?

Posted on February 24, 2015


It is being alleged that on March 9 2015, Gerald Pfab is hosting another all day meeting in Sacramento’s AOC Offices with all of the facilities management unit staff from around the State required to attend in person to discuss reductions in the facilities management unit vehicle fleet. (a little more than half of the remaining vehicles paid for by court construction and remodeling and maintenance dollars….)

Even though he has reserved electronic conferencing capability for this all day meeting to avoid all the travel costs, he’s also indicated that it’s good for his staff of 25-30 people to get together and see each other’s faces a few times a year so personal attendance is mandatory. 

The last time was in September for a 2 day in person meeting with catering, business dinners, travel and lodging, etc.

The cost of this unnecessary in person attendance is in the many thousands of dollars, ironically so he can talk about how to save money……..

Judicial Subcommittees are meeting by phone to avoid travel costs. Courts can’t afford to travel costs for required staff training. Yet Mr. Pfabulous is free to ignore the overall message of the audit and make a mockery of it by incurring huge costs to talk about saving money.

Let us now review how this all fits like a glove into the state auditors recommendations:

  • Ensuring the AOC spends funds appropriately and implements controls to given how staff can spend branch funds. (pg 5)
  • How, during a time of financial crisis, the AOC has continued to make costly business decisions that do not serve the best interest of the trial courts. (pg 31)
  • How the AOC’s expenses for meals and catering are higher than those in the executive branch (pg 34)
  • How the AOC needs to increase its efficiency and decrease its travel expenses (pg 36)
  • How the AOC needs to identify savings opportunities related to its business practices (pg 36)
  • How the AOC has had autonomy for spending branch funds and made questionable expenditures (pg 43)
  • How the AOC has failed to plan, manage and monitor programs (pg 72)
  • How the AOC has failed to adequately consider fiscal, operational, and other impacts of its programs (pg 72)
  • How failure to fully consider potential costs, benefits and other impacts is emblematic of the AOC’s impact on the Courts (pg 72)
  • How the AOC needs to demonstrate a commitment to transparency, accountability and efficiency (pg 72)
  • How the judicial branch resources are to be used in a more focused and effective way (pg 90)

Any doubts about the auditors recommendations?

Read them here (link)