Jerry’s pfabulous spending spree….

Posted on October 16, 2014


Jerry Pfab is the phearless leader of the facilities maintenance unit in the Judicial Council. Several months ago we described to you how Jerry is setting public funds ablaze so that he can place a little pick-axe representing the prospectors award on his various printed materials and business cards. The judicial council even recognized him last year when he was awarded a runner-up for the award.

As we described some time ago, the chase for the California Council for Excellence and the California Award for Performance Excellence’s “prospector award” (nice: shooting for the bottom rung….) remains job # 1 for Mr. Pfab. More and more facilities maintenance personnel are complaining to us about Jerry’s expenditures in this department, alleging meetings in Sacramento where everyone is flown in and given a rental car and lodging with catered working lunches that last two to three days at a time.

The real purpose of these meetings is to coach everyone on what to say to evaluators when evaluations for this award start.

Our media partner Yen Interactive inquired about the expenditures of this program with a public information request. Specifically, Yen wanted to know what was being spent on achieving this award in terms of consultants, cash, man hours and expenses like travel, lodging and food.


What was being reported to us were figures that probably totalled into several million dollars by facilities maintenance personnel when you add up what was being alleged. If facilities maintenance personnel can effectively estimate what was being spent to date and send that to us that would be far more helpful in ascertaining how much money is being wasted while our courthouses crumble due to years of deferred maintenance.

The (then AOC’s) response was that this public information request for expenditures related to this program would require research and that the (then AOC) had no obligation to conduct research in an effort to provide an answer to this public information request.


In other words, no one has the right to know how much is being spent!

Meanwhile, bucket brigades are still deployed in some courthouses when it rains. Overpriced, sole source contracting related to building maintenance has become a norm rather than the exception and deferred maintenance is still being deferred, yet they are imposing all of this neglect with leadership and excellence……