Let’s talk delay, deny and obfuscate….

Posted on September 24, 2014


In just a few days the judicial council staff offices will greet Martin Hoshino as their new executive director. If you have observed what we’ve observed about the judicial council over the last several years then you know that the state auditor was about to issue a report on her audit of the entity formerly known as the AOC.

In a rush to provide cover for a likely scathing report, our chief justice summarily floated an idea to provide that cover by declaring that the AOC is actually judicial council staff. In the rush to reform, the council passed the idea of renaming the “Titanic” AOC to the “Britannic” Judicial Council Staff, Stephen Jahr was sent packing in a dignified way and the state auditor likely agreed to delay the release of the audit until January. Martin Hoshino was announced as the new executive director so that the judicial council could once again proudly claim come January that it is all in the past – water under the bridge. They will proudly declare they have already resolved under new leadership all of the issues that the state auditor turned up but most importantly, the delay of the release of the audit report until January will likely serve to prevent any corrective legislation being introduced by the January deadline.

The release of the report will coincide with a release by JC’s Pravda that everything the auditor has identified has been corrected and that all of these wonderful people have reformed. They’ve adopted new methods to, to quote anonymous, “lay waste to millions” while courthouses continue to shut down.

It’s a tried and true pattern that has successfully worked before so why not put it all on replay and do it all again?

When these events play out in January, we’ll provide a link back to this very post. We’ll let you be the judge of how right (or wrong) we were.