Protest Rally today at “Dysfunction Junction” – Judicial Council Staff Offices – 350 McAllister Street, San Francisco

Posted on September 19, 2014


Today is the big day where we hope to see hundreds, if not thousands turn out to protest our broken judicial branch that tends to not hold anyone accountable for anything, unless of course they happen to be regular court staff the ranks of which have been decimated in droves.

We’re not positive how many will ultimately turn out but we would like to see big numbers today. Everyone has a stake in reforming “Dysfunction Junction” from the newest judicial branch hires to attorneys who have watched justice become less accessible year after year after year, to judges that watch their budgets go up in smoke over judicial council projects projected to cost billions, to litigants who have to navigate systems where there is neither justice nor accountability.

As Californians, we have had to sit back and watch things disintegrate while unelected appointees of the Chief Justice promulgate a host of new, more complicated forms that even attorneys and judges can’t figure out. We’ve had to sit back and watch fellow Americans be stripped of their constitutional rights to speak out via new  ‘opinions’ that cite certain subject matters to be ethical violations subject to CJP action. We’ve had to sit back and watch our legal system disintegrate because our legislators prefer funding boondogglers over boots at the front counter or an open courthouse within reasonable distances to where we live or work because the boondogglers who don’t represent the courts insist this is the way it should be.

We’ve had to sit back and watch as some courts modify or destroy the court record to protect themselves from the “law firm full employment act” because some people have stakes in those very same law firms and know they can get away with just about anything because there is no one to hold them accountable.

We’ve observed years of whistleblowers being fired over revealing avoidable off the chart costs….for case management systems…..for courthouses that were delivered at a cost of over a billion dollars while others with a similar amount of courtrooms were delivered for a few hundred million (Long Beach vs. Stockton would be a fine example here…)…for divulging embezzlements where no one is held accountable.

We’ve seen new courthouses built at the cost of millions only to watch them shut down four years later. We’ve observed that more than twice as many courthouses have been shut down due to a lack of operating funds than have been built to replace them. We watch as even the new courthouses contemplate shutting down because they can’t afford to staff them.

As citizens, consumers of court services and employees of the courts, we can clearly define what we as a society need. Yet there are unelected appointees who wish to ignore our wishes and go off in a boondoggling direction that costs billions and robs us of our ability to find the justice that we seek.

Todays rally will start at 11AM on the steps of 350 McAllister in San Francisco and end somewhere around 3PMish. If you have a voice….. please let it be heard loud and clear.

We’re fed up with rigged systems that cast aside the needs of the common man so that they can build a new mausoleum to justice built like a palace, yet can’t seem to scratch up enough funding to operate them.

The appointed enablers that lead us are doing an incredibly swell job at making things just a little more dysfunctional every day they sit in those star chamber seats. Their priorities are entirely messed up and they want to blame sacramento and say that if Sacramento just gave them more money, they wouldn’t be so dysfunctional. Yet the proof is already there. Every dollar that goes to the judicial council costs the courts four when others observe how money is wasted.

Today, you have the opportunity to make a big stink, to get peoples attention and turn things around.

So if you can, make it a point to show up en masse and voice your concerns. It is up to you to turn things around. The boondogglers, the fraudsters and their enablers believe they can get away with anything.

It’s time to tell them and show them that they are wrong.