Martin Hoshino named new administrative director of the Judicial Council

Posted on September 3, 2014


Martin Hoshino was named by the the Judicial Council as the new Administrative Director of the recently rebranded judicial council staff, a juggernaut of over 800 employees, nearly a quarter of which are highly paid managers or above. Mr. Hoshino comes from the CDCR or the California Department of Corrections and (don’t laugh) Rehabilitation, an agency fraught with its own serious bury the dirt problems.

While we’re somewhat elated to see what appears as an outsider coming in with an untarnished vision, we wonder if he’s had the benefit of perusing the pages of this blog, a blog not based on mere theory or conjecture but one that outlines many of the most serious problems, deceptions and outright frauds perpetrated by the judicial council and their staff.

We’re guessing that our state auditor found some serious problems with the agency formerly known as the AOC and that the current leadership was put on notice, the council promptly rebranded the entity and it’s leader resigned. It was all designed to take the sting out of a report that will now be put off from a September release date to a January release date so that the current leadership can call it all water under the bridge. The new director will be expected to enjoy a stress-free honeymoon of a year or more and in the end, no one will be held accountable for a damn thing.

The same mis-managers running the place into the ground for the last several years will be the same mis-managers covering up, declaring all is well as nothing really changes.

What will remain is an obvious power struggle where AOC and now judicial council staff directors continue to wag the dog over the many committees and the council itself all the while feigning submission to a system that leaves them in charge. 

There is a reason for everything the council does. We were not fooled by the sudden rebranding or Jahr’s resignation. He was brought in and paid top dollar and the many perks of the office to keep a lid on things and be the fall guy when the titanic dipped below the surface so that the council could easily declare a new direction and change you can believe in.

Time will tell if Mr. Hoshino will be charting a new course but we seriously doubt he will be doing any housecleaning anytime soon and that’s unfortunate. 

And now a word from Judge Steve White:



Today the Judicial Council announced that the undersecretary for operations of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Martin Hoshino, has been selected as the new Administrative Director of the Courts. Based on what we know of him from his work at CDCR, the State Controller’s Office and the Office of the Inspector General, it is likely he would not have taken this position, even on an interim basis, unless he were given full authority to hire and fire agency staffers. We expect he will bring to the job a commitment to rein in the excessive spending and the overreach of the agency formerly known as the AOC, and that he has the background and the skills to shake up the administration of our branch. We wish him every success.

As we did with his predecessor and with the Chief Justice, we offer to meet with Director Hoshino at his convenience to exchange ideas about the direction of the judicial branch and its bureaucracy. The Alliance has stood ready to work with anyone and everyone of good faith who recognizes that change is needed in order to restore the judiciary to its former position. If the new director is to succeed he must reach out. We will know soon whether he will chart a new path, and we look forward to working with him to effect meaningful change in the governance of the judicial branch.

Very truly yours,

Judge Steve White

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