Help us make the case for a JC / AOC audit

Posted on February 26, 2014


Frankly, there are reasons for an AOC audit that cannot be expressed by the ACJ or other judges because making certain statements would run afoul of judicial cannons. (which is why ANY crime that happens at the judicial council and the AOC is the perfect crime because no one credible can talk about it)

We have a partially composed post days in the making. We’ve reached out to a few people privately. Now we want to reach out to everyone – AOC employees, court employees and judges alike and suggest you use our totally anonymous, private and secure message window at and tell us about it.

These are items that we want the state auditor to look into. So far they include things like an acknowledged 100K embezzlement and a massive cover-up for unlicensed overpriced contractors and a request to place the deloitte contract in the public domain. These are just a few items that it thus far contains. We need more items that the BSA can audit for.

This post is scheduled to be released this Sunday, March 2nd, which is a mere two days before the JLAC hearing on the audit request on March 4th. Anything you can provide that leads to an auditable item that shows mismanagement or outright theft of public funds are items that it is critical that the BSA and the legislature knows about. Some of these items have already been filed with the BSA directly but unless the legislature authorizes BSA to investigate them, they go nowhere.