Why Judicial Council open meeting requirements should be codified by the legislature

Posted on January 8, 2014


I’m sure that we can all agree that the rules of court do not apply to those in power and that no one exists to enforce the rules of court outside of a courtroom.

If someone disputes this, I would like them to provide just one example where the rules of court were enforced by someone other than an actual court holding jurisdiction over a case or the CJP holding a judge accountable for his courtroom behavior.

Just one example will do. 

There is none?

Yup, that’s entirely correct.

The rules of court, if you haven’t yet figured it out are for court. Yet the judicial council and the AOC wish to bamboozle the other two branches with this argument that they are a separate and equal branch of government that should be unburdened by the notion of checks and balances. And Governor Moonbeam’s veto of open meeting requirements last year simply emboldened them even more to be more secretive and less transparent.

What the real problem is is that the all too powerful internal committees don’t want to be held accountable for tossing the recommendations of advisory committees under the bus time after time after time because it would demonstrate how meaningless participation in advisory committees really is and how our leadership is trying to keep their oligarchy – dictatorship stitched together by absolute control of the message.

They call it speak with one voice.

We call it corrupt because they don’t speak for the courts their advisory committees or the people. They speak only for themselves and have been engaged in unprecedented self-dealing at the cost of the citizenry and trial courts for years with no end in sight.

It is long past time for our legislators and our governor to act and reign in this rogue outfit by employing checks and balances. Not just on a generic “judicial branch” budget but to do their appropriations job and cut the judicial council and their administrative offices out of the appropriations business.

For years we’ve witnessed mass layoffs and mass courthouse closures, yet not a single AOC office has been shut down completely. There has been no mass layoffs of AOC personnel nor has there been any layoffs in the “old state court system” which includes the supreme court and courts of appeal. Token layoffs were made followed by near immediate conversions of four times as many people laid off to full time employment. They wish everyone to believe the shingle they’re hanging outside the crystal palace that says “We’ve reformed” yet all they did was reorganize into an entity that is less trustworthy and more secretive and misleading than at any time in its history.


Over the years we’ve poked great fun at Justice Terence Bruiniers and his equally incompetent sidekick Judge Forge-A-Letterhead Herman who have held themselves out as experts in judicial branch technology and software development while being the engineer and chief conductor respectively of one of the largest trainwrecks in the history of state software development. If I were a legislator occupying a seat in Sacramento and read Bruiniers notice of non-responsibility and bogus claims of a lack of political will while occupying the leadership of a committee that is being boosted to the insider trusted environs of an internal committee, It wouldn’t matter how much the judicial branch was asking for as I would automatically assume any amount to be tossing good money after bad. Add to that the offensive name changes of a conference center and an office complex that were made as a big FUCK YOU headed in my general direction on top of the secrecy and obfuscation that continues to this day and any money sent the branches way would be conditional and predicated on good government such as open meetings, transparency and accountability.

I would want to meet in private with judicial branch leaders, leaders of the Alliance of California Judges and the various whistleblowers that have been fired as to get a clearer picture of what was going down.

Since I already know what is going down without meeting with these parties I would be inclined to gut judicial council authority and AOC budgets and redirect them to the trial courts. I would move construction over to DGS and stop exempting the AOC and Judicial Council from conflict of interest laws on multi-billion dollar transactions (again, on some lame promise that a rule of court would address this where none exists)

But I digress. This part of the post is about Justices Bruiniers and Judge James Herman who have clearly demonstrated yet again that incompetence and lying to your peers and the public is a surefire way of getting promoted in the judicial branch leadership tree.

It’s also a surefire way to get you a long overdue invitation to digital purgatory and a link to golden arches recruiting, where your limited talents would best serve.

“I created the internet. I MEAN— I created CCMS. Do you want fries with that?”