JC Leadership: Years of incompetence and going strong

Posted on November 5, 2013


If you’re a reader here at JCW then you know that our friends in the so called leadership positions are not leaders at all. They’re a bunch of high-paid lemmings that know they could never get a gig like this anywhere else on earth. The real leaders are down in the supervisor/senior levels that keep everything from flying apart while those above them bullshit and brown-nose their way into the next leadership position by creating a new management title and structure.

What all of these people are is appointees of the Chief Justice who, much like the Chief Justice before her, reappoints these people to so-called leadership positions. Occasionally, they actually switch a committee chair but they’re pretty much there as long as they want to be regardless of their competence. It’s more of how willing are they to look the other way at branch concerns while trying to placate the rest of us with a heaping plate of cow dung.

For nearly four long years, empress Tani has worn no clothing. She has demonstrated a woeful lack of leadership skills in the many areas that matter most to the public and judicial branch employees, judges and justices alike.

Her lobbying team within the AOC and on the council has absolutely no credibility in Sacramento because every turned page of this epic saga is yet another measure of sheer disbelief and chutzpah. If they can’t take your word for it in Sacramento, it’s probably not the best thing for our relationship for you to be promoted. Yet, that’s exactly what Tani did.

It was probably equally as bad in legislative circles for Curt Child to get the promotion as it was for Tani to assail the legislature over the suggested termination of Mr. Vickrey. And then she has the sheer audacity to name a conference center after a very controversial living figure – because she knows it will serve as a cloak of immunity. At least on a state level.

In a mere fifty five days you are all supposed to believe that branch transformation has been completed and it is now the epitome of transparency and accountability because this is what you are currently being conditioned to believe.

It doesn’t matter that there isn’t a shred of truth to it. This is the speak with one voice mantra moving forward into 2014. Even our former SEC members are gloating at the wonders of their (lack of) accomplishment in reorganizing the council and the AOC. Of course, no one has been held accountable for anything and there are quite a few major transparency issues that remain unresolved but you are supposed to just forget about that. That was so… Monday.

Today, and throughout the rest of 2013 you can trust that we will hear much about the stellar accomplishments these turn-around experts have made. What many of us know is that the turn-around experts are the same bunch of people who caused the mess to begin with, save a few people who got to ride off into generous California pension sunsets.

True leadership is about holding people accountable. It is amazing that many of these same people can render a decision and a sentence in a court of law but can’t bring themselves to hold their own people accountable. As we’ve said before and Tani has spent four long years proving, the bigger the fuck-up, the larger and more prominent the reward or promotion.