California Cracks Down After CNN\CIR Investigation

Posted on August 1, 2013


California has finally begun to crack down on fraudulent practices of clinics participating in the “drug medi-cal” program only because CNN was beating down their doors for months about getting an interview.


We’re going to provide a link to the final story in this three part series and we would like you to observe, in particular, the shocking behavior of the Secretary in charge of the California Health and Human Services Agency as she tries to avoid CNN journalists, going so far as asking security to call the police. From a media standpoint, she committed political suicide and can only be seen as a liability to the Brown administration.

If Secretary Diana Dooley wasn’t asleep at the wheel for the past three years since her appointment, she wouldn’t be so embarrassed being caught on camera. CNN and the Center for Investigative Reporting tried to obtain an interview with the agencies leadership for nearly two months. For all of that time, the agency and its leadership did everything they could  to avoid tough questions and avoid being interviewed. When CNN and CIR announced that the story would be broadcasted in the next couple of weeks and that HHSA would be caught in the lurch of appearing to not do anything and having no interest in doing anything about the fraud discovered in a yearlong investigation, only then did the agency temporarily suspend sixteen suspected fraudulent providers and refer them to Kamala Harris’s office for investigation and possible prosecution.

Many that participate in this site cannot comment on pending or impending litigation so we don’t expect a whole lot of comments to this post but what is striking about this whole incident is all that it took to get the attention of the people passing out the money.  Much like the issues with the Judicial Council and the AOC, no one seems to care that hundreds of millions of tax dollars were mis-spent and that John Q. Taxpayer is picking up the tab for this incompetence and that others are paying the price for this incompetence while everyone at the top enjoys a 1%er salary and benefits package.

Unanswered questions of how these false reports of addiction played out in the lives of, for example, children in group homes that were forced into counseling by their group home managers and the known payoffs people get to attend calls into question the accuracy of juvenile reports that might make their way to the courts. After all, how is a judge supposed to know if one of these clinics rendered a false diagnosis for profits when the secretary of health and human services gives these fraudsters her personal blessing by letting them stay providers? How many lives have been ruined by a false diagnosis made solely to bilk the state?

Secretary Diana Dooley and department of healthcare services director Toby Douglas should submit their resignations forthwith but this is not the California way. They will readily declare that they’ve done their job in temporarily suspending the fraudsters and turning the matter over to DOJ \ Harris. What will Harris do about it? Expect inconclusive investigations and a restoration of most clinics  under a new “a million strikes and you’re out” policy. Or maybe we’ll be able to witness these nonprofits spread around some political $love$ since they have so much extra and get the California political machine sticking up for the little guy against an evil press out to get them.

CNN’s final shocking segment on Drug Medi-cal – California Cracks Down after CNN\CIR investigation.

It’s totally pathetic that it takes this much attention to get peoples’ attention.