AOC: We’re cutting expenses, we just can’t prove it.

Posted on July 12, 2013


In yet another twisted turn of events the AOC released a series of documents and email to MetNews indicating that they have been cutting expenses. They’re just unwilling to prove it. Some of our contacts tell us that it would take all of ten minutes to key in the data that would generate the report that Judge Kevin McCormick is looking for. But because the document does not already exist as an already produced document and that rule 10.5 speaks to existing documents, anything in an AOC database is not a document and therefore the AOC does not need to respond to the request.

Transparent….and accountable? You be the judge.

In the second part of the request addressing contractors, salaries and start dates going back 3 years, Chad Finke responds with this missive:

“As to contracts responsive to your request for certain individual contractors’ salaries and start dates, we will begin our efforts to assemble those records.  As noted, we anticipate that assembling these records will take approximately three months.  In addition, as we begin assembling those records, we will be back in touch as to any storage retrieval fees that may be required.

Storage retrieval fees? Where does it state that a state judge should be treated just like for profit media who might be able to sell an ad or two to pay for storage retrieval fees? I must have missed that memo.

In short, the AOC’s response does not engender continued confidence in the agency or the process and it would appear that the AOC is attempting to stonewall what is an obvious issue of a 300% increase in lodging expenses while simultaneously declaring that they’ve cut expenses based on TEC’s or Travel Expense Claims. Of course over the past couple of years they have a new way of making expenses disappear in events where no TEC is necessary.