Artificially increasing the odds of “Not Reasonably Likely”…..

Posted on June 22, 2013


English: Then- giving a speech in 2009.

English: Then- giving a speech in 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In another thread MaxRebo presents a suitable cause\effect analysis of the politically astute Cantil-Sakauye‘s (HRH-2) offensive renaming of the Star Chamber conference center as the William C Vickrey conference center. I’ll add to that mix the offensive renaming of the Ronald M. George state office complex. Besides the fact that these characters are still above ground and breathing, in light of all that has been revealed and that which has yet to be revealed, I’m going to submit a hypothesis for your consideration.


When the fat lady finally gets up and sings, I feel strongly that Mr. Vickrey and Mr. George will be found and in some cases have been found with unclean hands with respect to the many debacles that our judicial branch currently faces. The architects of the many current debacles, no matter how you slice it was these two gentlemen. Both of them took their pensions and ran from office and the current judicial branch implosion that they helped create. Overholt joined that cadre of those exiting stage left shortly after Unionman pointed out the house on the Danville hill that was under a virtually perpetual state of remodel according to numerous AOC employee accounts, yet no permits could be found online on the Contra Costa County website relating to any of that remodeling. According to an intern that was working with us at the time, one day they were available online and we didn’t get them and the next day they vanished. We meant to pay the building department a visit and conduct some neighborhood interviews about this extensive remodeling. By the way, recently that investigation was fully funded so you should be seeing those results shortly.


In naming these facilities after these two gentlemen, “Team George” sought to provide ample political cover to their ungraceful exits pretty much before the poo hit the fan thereby soiling the rest of us, vastly contributing to that cause\effect relationship outlined by MaxRebo. Furthermore, the AOC and the Judicial Council adopted a naming standard for courthouses at a time where there was much discussion at the AOC about naming courthouses after the living at a time when several similar scandals were breaking around the country regarding naming facilities after the living only to rename the facilities some time after the scandals broke. It was decided (link) that naming facilities after the living would be ‘very rarely used’ with some strict criteria as the link shows. Among those criteria is this little tidbit:


iii. The person does not have any case pending before a California
trial or appellate court or a federal court and is not reasonably
likely to come before those courts in future litigation;


While this primarily pertains to courthouse naming conventions, it should also apply equally towards other facilities like conference centers and state office complexes. When Team George made the decision to name these facilities after these people, they did so cognizantly aware of the above precondition. Naming these facilities after these characters amounts to a declaration of innocence that many in Team George circles can rally around. They can point towards this paragraph and indicate that they fully weighed all possible considerations and named the facilities after these two anyways, indirectly shunting criticism about the decision while the rest of us looked on in utter bewilderment and were calling for federal investigations.


Team George named these facilities not to honor these characters. Team George named these facilities after these characters to artificially inflate  the odds of “not reasonably likely” while most of the rest of the branch was strenuously objecting.