You can (in part) thank the boondogglers for the May revise

Posted on May 14, 2013


Judge James Herman and his technology committee, along with the CEO’s of San Diego and Ventura are either the most egotistical, self-centered bastards in the state of California or just some of the dumbest.

At this point, it’s take your pick and if you were in my shoes you might choose both. The Governors revised budget was released today with no extra money for trial courts this year or next. Sitting in those chairs up in Sacramento are people watching what is being said over in the judicial branch for a change – and are also watching what is being done. Will the judicial branch underwrite another boondoggle given the resources? Well you only had to read about another foray into the strange episode of as the CCMS world turns to hear that Herman wants to dump more money into V3 using V4 features and that a couple of courts are willing to pony up.

Of course it will take a vote of good people and a lawyer challenging the good judge to get him off the boondoggle tracks but the court execs, both AOC pawns, should be given walking papers. Of course we won’t do that either because no one is held accountable in the judicial branch leadership or the AOC.

Is it not obvious how much damage last months trial balloon about firing up a new CCMS V5 program did to the branch? And to think, they were going to have AOC attorneys seek out loopholes in legislative authorization that would permit them to spend money on further development.

As our unnamed source in the legislature put it, they put Jasperson & co on an inverted cliff face without the benefit of ropes referring of course to the AOC’s Office of Governmental Affairs lobbyists. Sure, they can discount the damage and I’m sure they will but the timing could not be more ill-conceived. Would Cantil-Sakauye show some leadership by replacing Herman to try to win back some legislators? Well, she will more than likely embrace him as a valued member of the team and name a conference center after him alienating legislators even further. If alienating them further is even possible anymore.


It will take another 9 years before she gets it no doubt. When she’s being voted out of office.

Sure, Speaker Perez might have some more money for the trial courts but he’s a smart guy who doesn’t like to get burned and all judicial branch leadership has been doing is burning them at every turn. Let’s just hope the lobbies outside of the AOC are persuasive enough to make the case for greater funding. For the trial courts.

With all of that being said, the analysis of what would be lost to the state of California due to the federal sequester is far larger than the guv’s budget reflects by a long shot and the legislature needs to take the real number into account in the next 45 days. They also need to feed the trial courts to keep them alive and starve the AOC.

A number that our legislators are possibly forgetting: When you close a building and don’t occupy it anymore, you must retrofit the building to meet current code requirements before you re-occupy it. While courthouses close down across the state, it is these re-occupancy costs that are exponentially more expensive than continually staffing the courthouses that may very well leave these courthouses closed for good.

And that’s no way to run a railroad.