JCW’s wishes for the May budget revise

Posted on May 5, 2013


JCW’s wishes for a May budget revise

It should be obvious to most that very little of the SEC report has been implemented. It was obvious to us that from day one of the Chief Justice calling for an eighteen month study of the AOC and their operations was little more than a delay tactic to distract everyone from current events at the time to buy time under the theory that time heals  all wounds. (…..and it doesn’t hurt to use an eighteen month study  to get you beyond the statute of limitations on certain offenses either….)

When that plan dismally failed because the SEC report highlighted serious problems that should result in a replacement of most of the management team, the council initially attempts to distance itself from the report and  the reports many conclusions before succumbing to accepting it, only after about a third of the judiciary across the state speaks out. Then they tell us that they accept the report  but will need another eighteen months to study the conclusions of the report and implement them. (….and need a little more time to gnaw away at the statute of limitations for the remaining offenses…)

Meanwhile, more than 200 courtrooms across the state have shut down and more than 2,500 court employees have lost their jobs under the fine leadership of Steven Jahr, Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye and the rest of the judicial council good ‘ol boys club while she focuses on educating our children about the third branch of government. They push for more judges and building more courtrooms over reopening the courtrooms we’ve closed. The public is so confused about what’s really wrong that they’re offering their own space for courtrooms.

After a year ticks by under the same theory that time heals all wounds, they float a trial balloon to give V4 functionality to the courts that want it. But it really isn’t V4 and they can really deliver if you just cough up 1.5 million in the next budget year to get the show on the road. Sure, you might have to shut down another courtroom to pay for it but AOC IT clawbacks are so worth it and give you preferred status for when you need to lay off your entire IT staff.

Currently, the AOC is trying to spend somewhere between 200 grand and a million dollars on a classification and compensation study that only serves to affirm any existing structure and assign a dollar value to those tasks. Ladies and gentlemen, they’re done with their reorganization and the implementation of the SEC report and you’ll note that little has changed. If they weren’t done, they wouldn’t be dumb enough to waste the money to call for a study that only serves to affirm their operational structure and assign a value to it. Raise your hand if you don’t follow the logic here and we’ll send someone by to confiscate your computer because this is third grade connect the dots stuff. In being as politically incorrect as we can possibly get we believe that there are indeed people that are too dumb to be on the internet.

So what we would like to see in a May revise is:

1. The complete cessation of all courthouse construction across the state starting July 1 with the diversion of all available funds to the courts for three years.

2. We would like the entire real estate portfolio of over 500 judicial branch buildings transferred to the Department of General Services.

3. We would like to see a legislative implementation of the SEC report by delivering the AOC a budget based on a structure that represents legislative priorities as opposed to an AOC that makes their own structure and law up as they go along. Surely the legislature does not buy the need for over a hundred AOC attorneys or the need for the AOC to hire nearly every law firm in the state so that they’re all conflicted out of representation.

4. Since the AOC would no longer support court real estate or construction an additional hundred million dollars could be diverted from AOC operations to the trial courts.

These are some of the things we would like to see in a May revise. A Sacramento intent on preserving our justice system and reigning in the AOC’s ever expanding field of jurisdiction.

What would you like to see?