These monthly field trips are Pfabulous!

Posted on April 10, 2013


From the get-a-clue files

We’re getting word that the pfearless leader of the pfacilities management unit, he who diverted his divisions resources from actually fixing courtrooms to developing flow and ganntt charts and new policies and procedures that would assist them to do less with even less on their way to a baby baldridge quality award has recently launched a new initiative.

Instead of having those boring monthly meetings via webex or telephones or utilizing any number of videoconferencing suites installed in every appellate court and every major AOC office, Mr. Pfab has another one of those better ideas – and this time it’s not just flatulence.

While Judicial Council committee members are barred from travel to attend committee meetings in person in an effort to save money, it is all window dressing as there is no such prohibitions being placed upon the AOC!

With all of that downsizing in AOC’s Burbank offices (by the way, did anyone ever recover the dedication plaque for the Sheila Calabro rent-a-conference center?) and all of that savings that was derived from downsizing that office, it appears that Jerry Pfab has plenty of mad money left.

Just none to replace your roof, Hayward Hall of Justice.

In fact, in these trying economic times with thousands of court employees being laid off and hundreds of courtrooms being closed, it is alleged that on March 21st Mr. Pfab dug deep into trial court funds to sponsor a junket to beautiful San Diego so that he could hold a meeting with his statewide staff and AOC’s prime maintenance contractors (who were also permitted to expense the event to the AOC) at the San Diego Hall of Justice.

To demonstrate that the AOC doesn’t pick favorites, April’s meeting junket will travel to beautiful Santa Barbara by-the-coast, complete with guided tours of the courts and all of the amenities of hotel rooms, rental cars and airfare paid for out of the same funds that would normally keep your courtrooms lights working. Apparently our constant battering of this unit has created a morale problem which only AOC paid mini-vacations to destination spots can cure.

It appears that these meeting junkets, which cost the taxpayers over 20 grand apiece are our fault and we’re dutifully hanging our heads in shame.