“Judge” Jack Halpin vs. Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye

Posted on January 1, 2013


It took us some time but we finally were able to get our hands on the chief justices order of December 18th 2012 to Judge Jack Halpin. We’re having a little more difficulty coming by the letter that the AOC wrote to the Attorney Generals’ office indicating that the quo warranto is a moot point.

Video from the never elected Jack Halpin’s third retirement in April of 2012

Here is the Chief Justices order to the “honorable” Jack Halpin that strips him of all of his power to sit as a judge in any case in Shasta County. Quo Warranto Chief Justices Order to Jack Halpin 004 Now, most might accept this order on face value except for a couple of problems:

1. The Chief Justice is providing cover for every ruling that Judge Jack Halpin made while usurping his extrajudicial powers by making the effective date December 18th and ending “Judge” Jack Halpin’s unelected 22 year reign on the Shasta bench.

2. That the Chief Justice has left open the door to again reappoint “Judge” Jack Halpin back to the Shasta Bench literally the day after the AG tosses the Quo Warranto, if they toss it.

3. That after 208 consecutive, nearly uninterrupted re-appointments to the bench of “Judge” Jack Halpin, they would only order him removed when a small town attorney rightfully points out the constitutional and sufferage issues being denied the citizenry by the top enforcer of those rights, and then only after a Quo Warranto request is made, even though the citizens have been complaining about this and writing Chief Justices about it for at least five years.

4. That “Judge” Jack Halpin in his own response to the Attorney General appears to hold as void the chief justices order removing him from the bench. Halpin Quo Warranto Response002

On December 31, our media partner made an inquiry about “Judge” Jack Halpin with Shasta Superior Court. The questions were: Is Jack Halpin hearing any cases today and the answer was that he did not have anything on calendar for today. The second question was: Is Jack Halpin an active judge and the answer back was that Judge Halpin is a retired judge that still sits on the Shasta bench. The third question was: Does Judge Halpin have anything on calendar in the future – and our partner was urged to call back Wednesday.

So it appears that as long as these four situations exist, the issue of a quo warranto is not a moot point. In light of the chutzpah of declaring the chief justices order void both the AOC and the Chief Justice now have an obligation to stand back and permit the attorney general to permanently remove “Judge” Jack Halpin from office by operation of law.

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Those who are concerned about the CA Assigned Judges Program and would like to see the assigned judges quo warranto undertaken by the Attorney General can contact Diane Eisenberg, the deputy attorney general assigned to the case.  The case is entitled “The People of the State of California, on the Relation of Charles Wagner v. Jack Halpin — Opinion No. 13-102.”
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